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To further slow the transmission of COVID19, all Americans got advised to use face coverings to protect their mouth and nose since these are the places where you can get infected with the COVID19 the most. Cloth face masks may be incomparable to an N95 respirator (which blocks 95% of airborne particulates), or to a surgical mask (blocks pathogens), but still, it can certainly protect you and help slow the COVID19, as per the CDC.

COVID19 is transmissible through respiratory contact. An infected man may unknowingly sneeze or cough in a public area, and someone healthy may unintentionally catch it.

Cloth face masks are essential for public safety amidst the COVID19 pandemic. But why? What is it’s importance? What are its uses? Is using a cloth face mask practically sound?

Cloth Face Masks Are More Important Than We Think it Is

Cloth face masks serve as the public’s PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. Since surgical masks and N95 respirators got shelved for the brave and heroic front liners, we expect everyone to do our part and comply with safety protocols like social distancing, personal hygiene, hand disinfection, and community lockdown, and most of all, respiratory health protection.

DIY Face mask

Wearing something is better than wearing nothing at all. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention highly encourages the use of a do-it-yourself cloth face mask, with steps and guidelines to do so online. And to think of it, wearing cloth face masks are more a solidarity issue. It means you’re sensitive enough to keep each and everyone safe from the virus, including yourself.

Uses of a Cloth Face Mask Against the Virus

Cloth face masks may not be as useful as its counterparts, but it’s a layer of protection we need to take. Cloth face masks can potentially block fluids from the body that gets projected through cough and sneeze. It also provides another wall of protection against germs and anything that may harm our immune system.

The Practical Reasons for Wearing Cloth Faces Masks

The CDC advised the public to make their cloth face mask: DIY-style. If you have durable cotton clothes that are not in use, you can use those to make cloth face masks. Aside from that, it’s easy to wash and disinfect. Just throw it in the washing machine after use, and voila! Problem solved! Apart from the fact that it is washable, it is also reusable.

DIY rave face masks may look useless at first glance, but it does serve some health security for those who wear it. It’s also a sign of solidarity!

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