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Girls love to stay in style and fashion. From top to bottom we girls love to wear what is in fashion and goes well with the trend. When we talk about handbags, these are the most useful and functional accessories for all the girls out there. These handbags assist you in handling your day to day useful stuff such as wallet, your cell phone, hair clips, tissues and what not?

Selecting the best type of handbag can be a bit overwhelming for some. But worry not, today we are sharing 4 types of handbags that every girl should own. Let’s check these out one by one:

  • Soft Leather Handbags: leather never goes out of fashion and same is the case with a leather handbag. This type of handbag can be used to carry almost everything which you want to carry that includes tablets, paperback books etc. the size of this type of handbag can range from small to big one and you can easily choose the one according to your need.
Soft leather handbag

  • Bohemian Bags: If you have an artistic bend of mind then you must chose a bohemian bags for yourself. This type of handbag has a hippie influence and is apt for those who love living unconventional lives.
bohemian handbags

  • Patchwork Handbags: A patchwork handbag is another piece of art. “Patchwork” is basically a pieced work where different pieces are stitched together to make a different and unique style look. This type of work looks extremely great on clothes, handbags, skirts, cushion covers, wall-hangings etc. if you love unique and stylish handbags then you must get a patchwork handbag for yourself.
  • Embroidered handbags: These types of handbags have a wide variety to choose from. Embroidered handbags are the bags or purse where there is a pattern or a design is made on a piece of cloth with stitched or sewn directly to a piece of cloth used in making a handbag.

The final line:

All the four above mentioned types of handbags are a must have for any girl who want to stay in fashion and want to have a handbag which of a great day to day usage.

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