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Fashion while travelling
Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anywhere and when it does, it is best to keep your wits about you and be fierce enough to handle it. It can happen to anyone – world-famous celebrities, athletes, and the top fashion models in Dubai, New York, Paris, etc.

5 Helpful Hacks for Fashion Malfunction While Traveling

When it does happen to you, fear not. Here are some of the most common style problems that can come up while you’re traveling and tips on how to handle them:

1. Popped buttons

When a button pops while you’re on the go, you can discreetly pull it together with a safety pin. Pin it from the inside out, taking care that the pin doesn’t show as much on the outside but also doesn’t poke you from the inside.
You can also fix this with a bit of paper clip or a twist tie. Just thread the wire through the buttonholes, put the ends of the wire through the shirt, and then twist the ends back together.

2. Faulty zippers When the zipper on your jeans keeps slipping down, you can easily fix it with a hair tie, rubber band, or a key ring (if ever you have that handy). Slide the ring or band through the zipper pull and loop it into the button of your pants.

In case the zipper is stuck in the fabric, start with the zipper all
the way up and apply some lubricant inch by inch onto the teeth all the way

3. Minor stains

While on travel, the usual stains usually come from splashed drinks
and marks from makeup, sunscreen, or even sweat. But even if this happens,
don’t worry about your favorite
tribal pants or branded top being ruined. As long as you don’t rub the stain, you can still rescue your outfit. 
Sometimes, gentle blotting with a paper towel or absorbent cloth can already take care of the damage. If it’s coffee or tea, douse the stain with cold water immediately after blotting out most of the spill. When you get to your hotel, soak it in cold water for a few hours. Gently wash with detergent, soak again, and rinse it properly.
For cosmetic stains, simply pat with baby wipes until you get most out of it. For tougher lipstick stains, rub just a little bit gently to get rid of the mark.

4. Shoe troubles

In case you have to wear shoes with slippery soles, take note of what the top female models sometimes do: step on a puddle of cola. The sugar in the drink make the soles sticky and give them a better grip when strutting down the street.
If the shoes you bought suddenly doesn’t fit well, wear thick socks and squeeze your feet into those shoes. Blow dry on the tight spots for a bit and you’ll find that it’ll fit better.

5. Showing straps

In case you find yourself wearing a racerback or halter dress and all you have is a normal bra, find a paperclip or two and secure those straps together. Bobby pins and safety will also do the trick.
For loose straps that don’t seem to stay put no matter how much you tighten it, get some double-sided tape and stick them on to your clothes. If a strap snaps off, don’t sweat it and just tie it up with the other end until you get back to your room safely.
When the going gets tough and the fashion faux pas happens, be ready to release that inner femme fatale and hack your way to a fierce, stylish you.

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