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Have you ever thought of starting a Beauty/Fashion blog? Having a passion for beauty/ fashion is a personal unique style.  Fashion blogging helps you share best things you know about beauty/fashion with friends. You can become the most powerful influencer in the world of beauty/fashion and it is one of the best ways to make money online.

Refurbishing your friends’ wardrobes and planning their attires for special occasions, reviewing beauty/ fashion products and also getting hired by beauty/fashion agencies. All that is required is working pretty smart and hard for you to become a successful beauty blogger.

However, it can be challenging and difficult if you’ve never done beauty blogging before. Surprisingly this is the easiest way to do it. As long as you have that great desire to tap into the wonderful dynamic world of fashion.  The internet is the perfect and most effective platform for establishing your personal beauty or fashion brand. Plus, with services that allow you to buy Instagram likes and followers, you can give yourself a little helping hand in the initial stages of your social media so that your potential following has the best chance of finding you possible. Once you get started, you’ll be in a position to demonstrate your skills and abilities to different clients worldwide hence establishing and expanding business markets to a wider range.

Here is the step by step guide on how to Start a beauty blog:

  • Step 1 -Select the perfect blogging platform
Select the perfect blogging platform

This is the backbone of your blog.  There are a lot of different platforms that can be used in order to start your beauty blog. The self-hosted WordPress is the most recommended platform since it is a trusted platform as evident from popular bloggers due to its privacy and security. Also, it is a customizable platform and has no limit to creativity and functionality. With the WordPress platform, it spares you from learning complicated programming coding languages. You can check out and read Arvixe web hosting testimonials to find out about some of the best available web hosting plans. There are also a few other options on platforms such as Drupal and Joomla so do not be afraid to do some research to determine which hosting solution could be the right option for you.

Step 2 – Choose a domain name

domain hosting

Domain name plays a huge role in your beauty blog’s brand. It is the site’s permanent address that will be used on the internet. For every website requires a domain name as a blogger you should be more creative and come up with ideas and use names that perfectly suits your domain.

  • Step 3- Purchase a web hosting for WordPress and install
wordpress blogging platform

Web hosting is basically what powers your beauty blog. It serves you as the blogger for your site and the visitors as the clients. Signing up for web hosting doesn’t need any technical skills and knowledge.

These three easy steps will help you start beauty blogging:

1)         Sign Up for hosting

2)         Claim your domain name

3)         Install WordPress software

  • Step 4 – Find the perfect theme for beauty blogs
Beauty/Fashion Blog Theme

Depending on the feeling towards beauty blogging, you can pick the best theme that best fits your website. The themes only dictate the blog outer looks and are available in free versions and also premium versions in the WordPress platform.

  • Step 5 – Set up the best plugins for WordPress to add more features

Considering the plugins, it helps you as a beauty blogger to add new functionalities. Plugins depend on what kind of functionalities you require. Free plugins are available and since as beauty blogger, the most important plugins you should give priority are social media and image-focused plugins.

  • Step 6 – Create great content by writing and driving traffic

As the final step, all is done and what is required of you is to log in into the platform and add a blog post.

This is where you will write about beauty and fashion.  Publishing it and making it live so as it can be viewed by clients worldwide. Making your beauty blog a success is also another thing to consider and getting traffic from Google is mainly the core thing. You should learn on how to get traffic such as through Search Engine Optimization and many other ways.

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