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Antique jewellery is, and always has been, very popular and when making purchases, there is always the risk of buying something that is not what it should be. This is especially important if you have little or no knowledge about antique jewellery, as you are purchasing items that you are not familiar with, and with that in mind, here is a guide to buying antique jewellery.

  • Carry Out Your Own Research – Whatever the period that interests you, carrying out some online research will reduce the risk of making a bad purchase, as the more you know about a particular period, the better informed you are. One of the best things about the Internet is the wealth of information available on just about everything, including antique jewellery, and a few hours spent over the weekend looking at antique jewellery is never a waste of time.
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  • Choosing An Established Antique Dealer – If you buy from an established jeweller such as Kalmar Antiques in Sydney, Australia, then you can be sure that the items are all genuine. An established online jeweller would never allow their image to be tarnished by selling inferior items, so do select an antique dealer with a good name within the industry. Purchasing antique jewellery from a private seller is fraught with risk, and unless you really know your stuff, it should be avoided; rather deal with a reputable antique dealer.
  • Attending Antique Fairs – This is another good way to locate suitable antique jewellery items that are on your list, and by joining an online antiques forum, you will get to find out where all the fairs are being held.
  • Online Solutions – While you could spend the day driving around looking for antique shops, the best way to locate a reputable one is by carrying out an online search for stores that offer a range of fine antique and modern items. Some online antique dealers are very affordable, if you do a little research on them and view reviews from genuine customers you can be sure that the items they provide are genuine. If there is a certain style of item you are looking for and are finding it difficult to find dealers, you can search on listing websites like www.antiquesboutique.com and find dealers with that item in stock. Once you do partner up with a local online jeweler, you can always get the benefit of his experience, and whenever you want to make an acquisition, he can help source it for you. 
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  • Look For Hallmarks And Stamps – Many fine antique jewellery items are stamped with the mark of the maker, which could be anywhere, and is usually out of sight. If you are buying from an established antique dealer, ask them if the piece has any identification marks, which they would be happy to point out.
  • With so much counterfeit jewellery around, one really has to be careful when purchasing antique items, which is why you should only deal with reputable antique dealers, who guarantee their pieces are genuine. The replica industry is very good at creating antique jewellery items that look and feel like the real thing, and to avoid the risk of becoming a victim, only buy from reputable sources.

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