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When you have a shy partner and you tend to be the extroverted one, it can be the case that you will often think very differently from one another. This comes down to simple daily things and also bigger things such as popping the big question about spending the rest of your lives together.

How to Propose
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Generally, the rule of thumb is that shy girls don’t like massive public displays of affection and are more reserved with how they go about things. This means when it comes to the proposal, you really need to consider what she will find most affectionate whilst being considerate to her intrinsic nature.

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Tips For Proposing To A Shy Woman

When it comes to people who are more introverted, its best to be as authentic as possible and see if they will prefer something subtler. We will give you some great ideas on how to do your proposal so it will speak straight to her heart and make her want to say yes instantly.

  • Write A Letter – If she loves reading and writing, then this will be a beautiful and romantic way to present a proposal for marriage. You can take her out for an intimate meal to where you first met or cook a delicious dinner at home. After presenting her with a letter with real emotion and authenticity, she will be over the moon.
  • Propose In Person – Going to a romantic spot or location where it’s only you two and it has special meaning can be a really unforgettable way to propose.
Best Ways to Propose
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  • Propose On The Radio – If you are shy also, you may want to send in a message to your local radio station and drop hints to make sure she listens to the show!
  • Do Your Research – When it comes to shy girls, there are some things she will love and some things that will make her shrivel up inside. It’s important you do your homework when it comes to what situations she prefers over those she hates. As she is someone who is shy, it’s probably best to keep it intimate, between just you and her. You can also pick up some tips from articles you can find online on how to propose to an introvert.
  • Don’t Force It – Don’t have expectations and definitely do not force her to say yes.

Hopefully these tips will help when it comes to proposing to a shy woman. Remember to keep it authentic and do something special between just you and her and it will always go down beautifully.

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