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Hello all fashion lovers! What’s going on? Well today I have a question for you that how many of you like experimenting with your looks and wardrobe? Most of the times we all are not much keen to experiment with what we wear as we are happy in our stereotype image. Moreover who wants to take risk of criticism of people around you as far as your looks are concerned? 😉

The same was the case with me, I was never much interested in new experiments with my wardrobe and looks, but very recently I have realized that experimenting with what you wear is not that bad, its good in the sense that it digs out the best of your undiscovered good looks.  

Navy Palazzo Pants

Though I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of person and I am extremely reluctant to try something else when I go out but recently I opted to wear Palazzo Pants for an outing with my friends and trust me, I have got many complements  for my looks in palazzo pants which I never got while wearing regular jeans stuff. 
Since then I am loving Palazzo Pants. 🙂

Wide Leg Palazzo Pants Peach

For uninitiated, Palazzo Pants are a kind of loose-fitting slacks which are worn by women and are very wide and have flared legs which extend below or up to the ankle. They are manufactured using various different materials such as cotton, rayon etc and are best for special occasions and give dressier look so they should not be worn as a day to day affair very regularly.

There are many benefits of Palazzo Pants such as:

  • They are very comfortable
  • They are stylish and classy
  • Very Attractive
  • Hides flaws in figures, especially hip/butt and thigh area
  • No need to purchase a new palazzo if you gain or loose weight, they are loose and forgiving for fluctuating weight.
  • There is no guess work on sizes
  • It can be worn by female of any age
  • They look good as a formal as well as an informal dress.

Pleated Palazzo Pants Chiffon

Styling of Palazzo pants

Styling of Palazzo pants is one of the most important things and there are some points that need to be kept in mind while opting to wear Palazzo pants at various occasions. These palazzo pants can be worn in different settings, for example of you wish to wear palazzo pants as an formal dress then you can wear it along with a button-up blouse and high-heel shoes. If you want to go casual then opt for a fitted t-shirt along with Palazzo pants. The look of palazzo pants can be completely changed if you change the top or blouse worn with Palazzo pants. 

Printed Palazzo Pants

Red Palazzo Pants High Waist Cotton Stretchable

These Palazzo Pants come in different colors, fabrics, sizes and styling and anyone with good fashion sense would love to wear and style palazzo pants according to his/her taste and trust me if you can carry Palazzo pants with style no dress can be more comfortable than wearing a beautiful palazzo pants.

So gals have you tried palazzo pants? If not, then go for it! You will love it for sure 🙂

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