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Shirts are perhaps the most versatile pieces in every wardrobe. You can go in different fashion directions for every one of them.

If you feel like being edgy yet classy, you can pair a regular printed shirt with a leather pencil skirt. If you want to give your top a new look, there are so many creative treatments you can implement to alter the fit, the neckline, the length, and the overall design.

It is for such reasons that you really can never have too many shirts in the closet. Anytime you want to try a new look a T-shirt can serve as a fantastic foundation for a unique ensemble.

But if you really want to build a great collection of shirts, better include a few or several custom printed shirts. Why?

Custom Shirts Win at Being Unique

Custom-printed shirts are often one of a kind. If you come up with the designs, there’s a high likelihood that you are the only one in this world with such shirts. Therefore, if you like your style to stand out, indeed, custom-printed shirts are the way to go. You can check out Mato & Hash for some amazing custom printed apparel.

Not sure what designs to use for your shirt? Listed below are six fun-tastic ones to consider.

1. Your own hand-drawn pictures

For sure there’s nobody else in the world who draws cats or dogs, or anything like you do. Use your own unique artwork as the print for your shirt. A T-shirt printing company can create a stencil for it, and you can just provide additional instructions on how to achieve the design.

2. Your own words of wisdom

If you find the sayings that you come up with rather brilliant especially in the humor department, print them on a shirt. This will serve as a fantastic reminder of your wit in getting your points across. Also, give other people a chance to marvel at and get a kick out your wisdom or what you truly think.

customized t- shirts

They may copy your work, but you will always know that you’re the first to have a shirt with that saying because you coined the adage.

3. Your name

There’s no better way of personalizing a shirt than putting your name on it and a few other identification details. For sure, there will be no confusion about who owns the piece of clothing if your name is emblazoned on it, in your handwriting.

This idea is actually nothing new but you certainly can get artsy with how you actually place and stylishly write your name on the shirt.

4. Your twist on popular designs

You can personalize shirts by spicing up old designs. For example, the “Keep Calm and…” design is so easy to customize. Just complete the statement your way, and you got yourself a shirt that really says what you feel.

5. Studs, sparkles, and stones

Try the popular ’90s device that will allow you to put studs and other dazzling embellishments on your custom shirt. This is a fun and easy way to “bling” up a regular tee or any custom shirt you may own. Or, purchase those iron-on sparkles that are available in department stores and hobby shops.

6.  Popular T-shirt hacks

Everything from using spray dye and ice to adding a Peter Pan collar is worth trying out to create a truly personalized shirt. Visit Pinterest and YouTube for different design ideas that you can do yourself or request a custom-shirt company to implement them for you.

Fresh Designs = More Fashion Mileage

Now that you have different ideas for custom shirt designs, you also gain fresh styling opportunities for your T-shirt-based fashion.

Pair your Peter Pan collared shirt with a tulle or lace skirt. Turn your ID shirt into a nightshirt for camp. Wear your statement shirt (the one that says CSI – Can’t Stand Idiots) with your skinny sequin pants for a cute night-out ensemble that will also keep weirdos away from you.

The possibilities are countless. So, make sure you have these shirts that will allow you to effortlessly stand out.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.

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