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A beauty of a woman never seems to go unnoticed and the success accompanying that glamorous look makes it even better. The Hollywood entertainment world of today is packed with beauties and given the fame they have amassed along the way; serves them justice to be ranked among the most beautiful Hollywood actresses gracing the acting scene. These actresses have been able to stir admiration and set iconic figures globally through their work and achievements.

Angelina Jolie

She broke into the limelight through her acting career. She is also a humanitarian and a filmmaker and telling from all that; is among the highly paid celebrities of today. She is also an award-winning personality who has won several awards. She has been ranked among the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. In 2004, she was named the Sexiest Woman Alive. She has gone on to maintain her sexiness and with every red carpet event she attends, the cameras seem to like her. That’s all because of her well toned, sexy body that headlines every fashion magazine. From the 1990s till date, her body seems to be taking on a unique aging graph. Since the 1990s, all the fine body qualities are still being awarded to her sexy legs, model body, the list is endless.

Marion Cotillard

She is one of the actresses who has set records; she got to be the first person to get an Oscar for a French film, La Vie. Her charming sexiness has made her one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. She is that one person her striking looks and body gets every man craving for that saucy look. One of the prolific men rumored to have fallen victim is Angelina’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt. However, that only took place in the movie there are taking part together where they get steamy as per the script. She is indeed an example of perfection in all aspects and her popularity has even added to her sexiness and is undoubtedly one of the fast rising pretty stars of this century.

Jessica Alba

Who wouldn’t take the time to fantasize of her articulate body features and beauty? Jessica Alba is indeed one of the priceless jewelry gifted with a skill only endowed to those bound to raise heads. Born in 1981 and bred in California, she has indeed proved to be that lady with beauty and brains. She has also laid her hands on modeling and done so well to being classified as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. Starting out as an actress at a tender age of 13, this elite lady faced no difficulty climbing up the stardom courtesy of her pretty appearance. She has also been portrayed as a sex symbol and it’s all because of her great body. No magazines have failed to feature her in their publishing and professing of her undying beauty that still glimmers as she advances in age. All the movies she has taken up roles all show the sexy side of Jessica Alba and that is all what fans anticipate; to wander away in her lustfulness.

Mila Kunis

She has caused the uproar among many fans because of her undying looks that keep on getting better with age. Being a Ukrainian, what do you expect? This sexy mom has appeared in many notable magazines as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. Her beauty once got her on a date with a US Marine Corps Sergeant who couldn’t take it anymore. She has acted in several awards winning movies like Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and there is still more to come.

Megan Fox

Who wouldn’t sight Megan Fox from Transformers? Isn’t she the hottie that got everyone talking about the movie? Indeed she is the goddess who rose to fame by highlighting her sexy side in a movie. She has also starred in other movies like Jennifer’s Body and Transformers 2 She befits the title as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. Who would dare oppose that? Her killing looks have granted her numerous opportunities to feature in Hollywood’s prestigious lifestyle magazines. There is not a single noted flaw that seems to put down Megan Fox from getting her awarded of the Hottest Woman of the Year’ title.

From the above list, it all takes exquisite looks along with great talents to be noticed as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. This is all what the above celebrities have done to be highly regarded of such status.

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