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I remember that I was closely following the looks of the very beautiful Sridevi from a wedding that she attended recently in Dubai. My last post on this blog was about Sridevi’s latest sari look from the Dubai wedding where she looked like a red rose. I could never imagine that this would be the last post about Sridevi’s fashion styling. Its really heart breaking and extremely shocking.

Sridevi is Gone.. A Great Shock

I was sleeping yesterday and when I woke up I put off the airplane mode of my mobile when I was still half asleep, I read a news notification on my mobile that “Veteran actress Sridevi passes away in Dubai due to cardiac arrest” I WAS SHOCKED. At first I could not believe that the news is true or may be I was wishing that this would be a rumor. But unfortunately this is true and today we have lost a legendry actor or arguably the first female super star of Bollywood.

Oh its such a shock! How much she inspired us since we were a child. From her dance moves to her acting skills, she was so inspiring to all of us. Her beauty, charm and elegance was truly unmatched. Though I have not met her personally but she is the inspiration behind my love for Bollywood,  fashion and beauty and so is the case with many. Its such a huge terrible feeling that the person who was “is” yesterday is “was” today.

She has gone too soon, too early.  There cannot be another Sridevi. She was, is and will be “The Star” forever. So much of love to you, hope the God grant you heaven.

Jhanvi, Khushi and Boney Kapoor would have been devastated with this shock. May God give strength to them and other family members. I wish I could erase this terrible thing from this life but no one can do anything in front of God’s wish.

My love, mind and condolences to Sridevi’s family. RIP 🙁

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