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The world is a large, diverse place. Increased
international travel & tourism has blurred the lines between distinct cultural
norms in different countries. Nonetheless, all continents have noticeably
unique religions, economies, & laws. Another marked distinction comes in
the form of fashion. Let’s explore key differences between popular trends in
America, India, & South America.

Latest Fashion Trends 2017 worldwide

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American Fashion
This year we’ve already witnessed many
transformations within the world of American fashion. For example, the
‘90’s has officially made its comeback, as shelves and closets everywhere are seeing
the reemergence of beloved ‘90’s fashion staples like chokers, slip dresses,
animal prints, and cuffed high-waist jeans. Alongside this outrageous blast
from the past, many fashionistas are incorporating a simple,
post-minimalist looks to their wardrobes.
Indian Fashion
In comparison to the US, India generally has a
less revealing sense of fashion. Clothes have less skin exposure, fit more
loosely, & incorporate bright colors. This stems from a mixture of hot
weather & a more reserved culture.
However, western trends are seen more frequently
in younger generations. For example,
Vogue India commonly highlights nerdy
outfits and big, billowy pants that stand out. Even traditional floral sarees have
modernized with open shoulder & sleeveless designs.
South America

Fashion in South America has a heavy focus on
flair that is similar to Spanish, Portugese & Italian style. Similarities
are, in-part, still influence by the relationship starting during colonization
that has lasted through the 21st century.

Tailored, form fitting clothes are common among
men & women’s outfit are liberal with revealing designs. Some credit this
style to a more light-hearted, sexually free culture.
Regardless of the country you reside in, here
are a few suggestions we have for fashion.
Casual Outing: What seems to be one of the easiest occasions
can sometimes be the most difficult to prepare for. For starters, remember that
you can never go wrong with a pair of cuffed high-waisted denim jeans or some
denim overalls. Pair these with an off-the-shoulder blouse, and some simple
sneaks, and you’re good to go! This look is best served with loose beach waves
for an effortlessly chic result. If you’re going out during the day, pair your
outfits with
big, round sunglasses worn by Bollywood stars and even Beyonce herself.
Office: Who says you can’t simultaneously work a 9-5 while dressed to
slay? Do keep in mind you don’t have to do any crazy wardrobe changes; simple
adjustments make a big difference. Switch up your color palette to brighten up
your workspace! We suggest keeping the white button down, but exchanging your
dark skirt or slacks with some millennial pink palazzo pants for a festive
touch. Millennial pink is arguably
the trendiest color to date, so why not experiment with it? Though the
trend may have started in the U.S., people are doing it all over the world, in
India, Brazil, and the United States. A pair of nude heels will do wonders for
you in this case. As for your crown jewel, because we aren’t going to leave your
hair hanging (literally), try pulling your hair back into a high ponytail for a
put together, sleek look.
Night Out: Upgrade your little black dress by adding some dimension to it:
cutouts and textures are always a plus. Additionally, this classic is malleable
enough to be dressed up or down. Add some va-va-voom to your ensemble with a
neon clutch or printed heels, and your look is almost complete. You’re letting
loose and having fun, so why not complement your outfit with lush, bouncy
curls? Whether you’re going on a date or headed for a fun night out with the
girls, this look is a guaranteed winner.
Avoid cotton at all costs
& leave that old, stretched-out shirt at home. Not only is it a bad fashion
statement, but cotton absorbs sweat that doesn’t release quickly with
evaporation. Instead, go with a moisture wicking fabric. Brands like Nike,
Under Armour, & Lululemon will have plenty of options. Cheaper option
include Old Navy, Target, & outlet malls.
Last, but not least, the hair is the crown jewel
of any look and often times is the last things a person will consider while
they’re getting ready. We get it: clothes can be finicky and difficult. Makeup
has to be painstakingly applied (depending on your look), and accessories are
just as important as a pair of shoes, but do we have to keep pretending that
showing your hair no love is helping you serve looks? Seriously, don’t sleep on
your hair. It can make or break your entire aesthetic.
If you need help getting ready in the morning, there isn’t any occasion in which we won’t have
a suggestion for.
However, with the right outfit and the right
hairstyle, we’re sure you can elevate your own personal style to a completely
different level.

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