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Skirt is a cloth which covers the lower part of the body and is one
of the oldest wear that anyone can think about. In the early times, skirts were
not only worn by women but men also used to flaunt various types of skirts. But
during contemporary times we associate skirt with women. These skirts come in
variety of types, colors, sizes and lengths. Any girl can pick the best skirt according
to her liking, taste, body type and size.
Depending on the taste, culture and event, these skirt types and sizes also vary. There are many types of skirts that a girl can opt for. Here are some of the examples of skirt types:
Tulip skirt: A tulip skirt is the one which resembles an inverted tulip flower, thus is it called a tulip skirt.
Yoke Skirt: Yoke skirt is also called a hip hugger skirt and it can be gathered or pleated.
Bubble Skirt: A skirt which resembles a bubble is called a bubble skirt. This skirt has a puffy silhouette.
Asymmetrical Hem Skirt: A skirt with asymmetrical i.e. unmatched hem line or bottom is an asymmetrical hem skirt.
Pleated skirt: A skirt with pleats is called a pleated skirt.
Divided skirt: A skirt which is divided and stitched from the middle is called a divided skirt.
Wrap skirt: A skirt which is wrapped around the body and tied with the help of a rope or button is called a wrap skirt.
Circle Skirt: It can be a full circle skirt or a Half circle skirt. This skirt gives an impression of a circle when lifted from both the sides.
Layered Skirt: A skirt where fabrics are arranged one over the other with layers is called a layered skirt.
Sarong Skirt: It is a simple piece of cloth which is wrappedaround the lower body below waist to make look like skirt.
Tiered Skirt: This skirt has multiple tiers and flares and the most common type of tiered skirt is a knee length tiered skirt.
Drindle Skirt: A skirt which is gathered at the waist is called a drindle skirt.
A-Line Skirt: This skirt’s flare is such that its look is like the English letter ‘A’, thus the name.
Fitted Skirt: This type of skirt is a figure flattering one and is fitted from the waist and hips.
Apart from Skirt Types, Skirt lengths also differ. Some of the lengths are: Micro mini, mini, above knee length, knee length, cocktail length, midi length and floor length skirt. Generally, a skirt which is above knee length is called a Short Skirt and the skirt which is below the knee length is called a Long Skirt.

A long skirt is also called a maxi skirt and its length ranges from mid-calf to lower calf which is generally 10 inches from the floor.
Hope this write-up has helped you in enhancing your knowledge about skirts. So girls, which skirt type is your favorite?

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