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Jewellery accentuates womens beauty and adds elegance to the outfits. Picking up the right pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, rings and necklaces are very important to compliment the overall style. But, at times it gets quite difficult to find right-sized necklace or pendant especially when you are getting ready for a special occasion. To avoid the last minute hassle while finding the right size for your pendant, we bring you the guide to choose the correct size for your pendant because it is a very important decision and depends on many things such as the color of the outfits, pieces and the appearance, events and functions it is worn at. These tips will help you in selecting the jewellery:

Dress for the Occasion

Many jewellery pieces are worn in different ways irrespective of their sizes. The simplest way to choose a pendant would be to buy a pendant which has an adjustable hook in the chain to allow the piece to be worn in a most versatile manner. To achieve an elegant look, keep the pendant chain short and if you are looking for a casual occasion, let it hang little lower.
In addition, always consider the occasion you are getting ready for. Just because you have a liking towards bright and big pendants does not mean it would be appropriate for an evening office party. One should dress in accordance to the people who will be attending the event to feel comfortable. Use your judgment to make decisions while making the purchases because the size of the pendant for the necklace also depends on the lifestyle of the person.
Bold Statement with Large Pendant:
A bright and shiny large pendant can draw focus and attention to the jewellery especially when these large pendants are worn with single base coloured clothing. The pendants can be worn with minimal jewellery and simple chains and necklines to give a fuller appearance. Always remember that both the outfit and necklace should complement each other and if you are wearing any other piece of jewellery as well, it should not clash.
Small Pendants for Safe Choice:
Small pendants are famous for bringing up a smooth look together. While dressing up, you can choose certain kind of look in your mind and add a small sparkly gemstone or certain shape pendant to add a little bit of personality to your overall styling. The small pendants should be worn with lighter chains and delicate necklines which will help in drawing attention to the pendant instead of the chains.
Complimenting Pendants and Outfits:
It is really important to make sure that you create a balance while dressing up. Your pendant should not take away the attention completely from the rest of the clothing. While a pendant definitely adds statement to your overall attire, it should not be louder enough to be the only piece being noticed. You should consider your hairstyle while selecting the jewellery because there is a high possibility that long pieces may end up getting tangled in long hair and small ones may not be visible in tresses. The large pendants well with short hair or pinned up hair as they will draw attention to the upper half of the body while the small pendants look polished and classy with shoulder ponytails and pulled back styles.
Right Places to Buy Necklace and Pendants:
There are various online and offline stores to purchase necklace and pendants that give you wide ranges of styles and gemstones. We recommend that you check the selections thoroughly either you are visiting a store or you opt to buy online. There are various websites that offer 360-degree view on the products before it is made available in any pendant. You can buy good quality necklaces online from here- etsy.com/listing/855534014
You can also look for the authenticity mark and little amount of discount offer would not hurt as well.

Summary: Through all the above tips, we can conclude that a right pendant can add style to any type of outfit. There are many designs available in diamonds, metal, gemstones and pearls which can be suspended from the chain and be worn as per the event, the desired look and focus on overall beauty. Take your time while finalizing the final piece of a pendant to be added to your collection of jewellery.

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