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To help bring back traditional Indian folk art to modern urban homes, Asian Paints took an initiative called Revisiting Roots. On 30th March, 2016, Asian Paints had organised an event at its flagship store- Colours With Asian Paints in Connaught Place, Delhi. The event was to launch a movement called ‘Folk In Vogue’, a collection of decor designs in a bid to promote traditional Indian folk art.

This was a private event attended by 20 very influential women in Delhi, Asian Paints celebrated these women for sticking to their roots and for inspiring the lives of many with their passion for everything artsy. The women ranged from comedians to entrepreneurs, from rock stars to make-up artists. You can catch all these women in action in awesome videos here where they have shared their thoughts towards this initiative, and their roots and acceptance of change that has made them who they are today. The idea behind the event was to support artisans from different art spaces of Indian folk art by combining their age old knowledge with modern design knowledge available to Asian Paints, to bring out the best for urban homes.

The concept of ‘Folk In Vogue’ is all about reviving Indian art forms as Asian Paints’ feels that our current generation is losing touch with their roots. India is a land of rich cultural heritage and is home to many traditional art forms that are distinguished and remarkable. No other country has such diversity in its art forms so ‘Folk In Vogue’ aims to work with varied Indian folk arts and crafts persons to revive creative forms like Kalamkari, Warli, Gond, Orissa Pattachitra, Madhubani art and Bengal Pattachitra. These folk arts are known for their vibrant textures and colours, intricacy and natural dyes. ‘Folk In Vogue’ is an endeavour to restore traditional Indian Art and craft with customised designs for interior spaces.

The event was a huge success as it brought the brightest minds together who have been doing their craft for years. Three artisans whose expertise lied in Patachitra, Madhubani and Gond prepared some special customized gifts for all the guests present at the event. These gifts were a symbol of adoption of tradition in modern lifestyle spaces which in its true sense served the purpose of this initiative.   

You can visit the Asian Paints store in Connaught Place, where you can choose amazing, personalized options for your home. I would surely recommend you to pay a visit to the store and consult the experts on what is best for your space. 
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