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Save Money On The Books You Buy

Hey all beauty and fashion lovers! How are you guys? Diwali season is here and we all are getting ready for the Diwali celebrations. I myself still very confused what I am going to wear his Diwali but finally I have decided to go for an anarkali suit this time. But wait this is not the only question which comes in our mind if we talk about Diwali. 

The first and foremost question which strikes everyone’s mind during this occasion is gifts and we all find ourselves in a kind of dilemma regarding what to do and which gift to purchase and I am sure each one of us love giving and receiving unique gifts. In fact I myself have always believed in being unique in the art of gifting and whatever you do.  

Actually I have to give few of my friends some Diwali gifts and I was quite worried about how to get an edge on this gifting thing and what could be a unique gift to my friends. We all know about dry fruits, chocolates, namkeens, biscuits and other kitchen and decorating stuff but I want to be a bit different and suddenly few gifting ideas clicked my mind and one such idea was gifting a book to you loved ones.
I know many of us may or may not like reading books but most of my friend circle is quite interested and enthusiastic in reading books(I am not talking about course or academic books here..hehe) 
As far as I am concerned I love academy books as well! Be it related to history, geography, polity, arts, fashion, journalism or whatever. Whenever I see a bookstall or a library I feel really crazy and can’t stop myself from purchasing a book or at least window shopping it.
I feel that almost every person should read books, everyone should pick one topic which interests him/her the most. It is rightly said that books are our best friends and in my context this saying holds completely true. I have read many books on topics like ‘Fashion’ ‘Shoes’ ‘self help’ ‘history’ ‘fine arts’ and palmistry’ etc and I really can’t get enough of these. These books are truly my best friends. It is only because of these books that I started my own fine art blog and beauty and fashion blog where I love writing my experiences and opinions on various topics. In fact reading and writing skills make you more extrovert and lets you discover your true self.
Now as I already said that I am a book maniac, I love reading books, fashion magazines like Vogue, Femina etc so I always search for some places from where I can avail some discount on books that I intend to purchase. As now days internet is quite in fashion for purchasing various stuff so I most of the time purchase books on internet by using Flipkart books coupons and Amazon books coupons which helps me in purchasing books at cheap and quite affordable rate. Isn’t this savings on book funda sounds great this gifting season of Diwali? It’s interesting! Isn’t it?
Currently I am planning to purchase some books on fashion journalism and designing etc which are making me very excited these days. And most probably I will be gifting fashion related books to my friends this Diwali(what else could you expect from a fashion blogger…haannn? hehehe )
Don’t worry guys, I will be sharing some tips on fashion soon, as soon as I purchase the books and grab some great fashion tips. So guys stay tuned, keep reading books, enhance your knowledge and stay fashionable.
Plan you gifts this Diwali season and do not forget to share in case you have some unique and different gifting options for this Diwali, 🙂

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