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Priyanka Chopra In The Source and Zara
We for sometime seeing a lots of appearances of ‘Priyanka Chopra’ where she was seen promoting her latest movie ‘Mary Kom’. The movie looks to be very promising and I am hearing good reviews about the same. I wish to see it soon and give all of you my review on the same.

Priyanka Chopra In The Source and Zara At ‘Mary Kom’ Screening

I for sometime got a very different kind of habit of scrutiny of celeb fashion and loving finding out and sharing their attire and other designer stuff like celeb accessories etc.
If you are a regular visitor of my blog then you must be aware that I share who wear what kind of posts very often which interests me a lot.

Well! I have so many fashion posts which are being piled up which I intend to share with all of you and in fact I wanted to share most of them today only but I wasn’t at home and had some very important work so I am somehow not able to share those posts today.
But don’t worry guys, I will share those fashion posts with all of you very soon. So stay tuned and enjoy browsing this wonderful Indian fashion blog(ohh no I am not self proclaiming it so..hehe..not at all.. Am I?? )
Actually I am very tired today. I went outside to purchase some stuff which I eagerly needed in my kitty and the funny part is that I opted to go to Noida this time as my usual practice as its very nearby my home but to my bad luck most of the shops were closed at the place as you guys must be aware that today there were elections in UP for 11 assembly seats and I forgot that and in spite being a resident of Delhi, I ignorantly went to UP and that too on an election date. How stupid I am..hunnn.. ooops, Hope you are not bored by this election story explanation as I have heard it somewhere that many of Indian youngsters are not interested in politics etc. So leaving this political thing behind let us come back to the topic, actually I have to complete one book by tonight only and it’s already 11’0clock in the night I fear I have to stay awaken till 2-3 am tonight. Woohh..but I have no other option so I am not thinking about that much. As soon as I finish this blog post, I will be going to take the book in my hand and start studying.
Nevertheless, I already had a lots of chit chat with all of you and I think it’s time to come back to the main point. So, driving back you to the first point which I made about Priyanka Chopra, she very recently attended the screening of her movie ‘Mary Kom’ wearing a lovely knit top from The Source and lovely Zaraslouchy pants. She tied her hair on the top. Her look got completed with earrings from Koecsh. Well! I actually do not like the whole look as such. Its ok type, maybe it was not right for the occasion or the pairing was somehow not right. So I don’t find myself to be a fan of this look.
Are you a fan of this look?
Like or dislike?

Image Credit: Pinkvilla

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