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Image Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

Do you love watching web series? Actually, these days many web series are raining over the internet and the audience for it is ever growing. Almost all of us are now watching our favourite web series and shows over the internet! Isn’t it?

 If I talk about myself then I personally love watching series on the internet as it quite easy to watch online. The best thing about these series is that you can watch them from anywhere without requiring a TV connection. Whether you are at home or travelling, you can easily watch a series over your phone, laptop or iPad. All you need is to have an internet connection, an online streaming service and you are all good. Thank God to this internet boom which has changed our lives and now we have more and more ways of entertain ourselves.

As generally I keep on searching internet over new and upcoming series over the internet so I recently got to see a new show “Happened in Calcutta” on ZEE5 (which is one of my favourite online streaming website/app).

I was thrilled to check out its trailer a few days back as this happens to be a drama series with a touch of romance and mystery. What more? It has Karan Kundra in it who happens to be one of my favourite TV actors.

About “It Happened in Calcutta”:

It Happened in Calcuttais a ZEE5 and ALTBalaji Original series based in the era of the 60’s and 70’s. In this series we will be able to see the war times of that era, political unrest and epidemic. This series revolves around the story of Ronobir and Kusum. It’s star cast includes, Karan Kundra, Naghma Rizwan and Aman Vasishth.

The series is available on ZEE5 for watching and as of now 10 episodes are available to stream online.

My review of “It Happened in Calcutta”

One of the best things about this series is that none of its episodes is too long and each and every one of its episode grabs your attention due to amazing dramatic effects and mystery and romantic scenes. The music score of the series is pretty nice and it sets in the mood. This story takes you back in the 60’s and 70’s. The story depicts the two front wars, one with Pakistan and one with Cholera. I love the costumes and makeup. The cinematography is quite nice and you feel as if you are in that era only. I have watched only 2-3 episodes as of now but this series seems little addictive and you keep on wondering what happens next.

It Happened in Calcutta
Image Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

The dialogues of the episodes grab your attention and dialogue delivery of actors is quite good. Though Karan Kundra is one of my favourite actors but the character played by him in the series is kind of arrogant casanova whose name is Ronobir Chatterjee and he is flamboyant so his character has negative shades. The character of Kusum Ganguly who is a kind of a nerd and gullible girl played by Naghma Rizwan falls in love with Ronobir Chatterjee.

Final words

Overall “It Happened in Calcutta” is highly entertaining and well made series by ZEE5 originals and ALTBalaji. “It Happened in Calcutta” truly engages the 21st century audience with its historical and dramatic touch. The retro look given to the characters are also laudable and the series is really well made. It’s a must watch series!

Let’s see what it has to offer in its upcoming episodes.

Have you seen this series yet? If yes, then how is it? Who is your favourite character in the series?

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