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Fortunately, there isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t like to receive flowers, indeed, men have been saying “I love you’ with flowers for hundreds of years, so you do know that your gift will be warmly received. Having said that, there are many different species of flower and fauna, which can make choosing a bouquet seem like a challenge. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

The Right Message

Flowers can mean many things; they could be a “thank you” or as an “appreciation”, but if you want to tell someone you are romantically in love, you can’t beat roses. A single red rose is an ideal choice, as is one dozen red roses, or a bouquet of various coloured roses. As you know your partner better than anyone, you will know which she would prefer. Whether you are looking to sendflowers such as those from Flowers Thailand or from any other country, there are huge networks that guarantee a delivery of fresh flowers on the agreed date and time, wherever you happen to reside.


Traditionally, tulips represent a new love and if you have only been together for a short time, an elegant bouquet of various colour tulips would be perfect. Of course, your special message would be displayed on a quality card, and with top presentation that you would expect from a florist, your loved one will be over the moon. There’s no reason why you can’t intermix tulips and roses, indeed, this can make for an eye-catching combination, especially by using a few colours for the roses too.

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Image Source: Pexels

Pink Asters

These gorgeous pink blooms with bright yellow centres make for the perfect way to show your passionate love to your partner. They can be mixed with daffodils and daisies to create a colourful country bouquet. If you would like to browse a selection of pink aster flower arrangements, simply search online for a local florist and they would have a range of packages and can also create a bouquet to the client’s specifications.

Unique Bouquets

There are really no hard and fast rules regarding the flowers you send your loved one, and by looking at some fine examples of unique bouquets on the florist’s website, you will get some good ideas.

Special Red Rose Packages

Red roses are the main type of flower to demonstrate a romantic, passionate love, and the expert flower arranger can come up with quite a few different arrangements, so do take a look at a few before making a decision. A red rose for every year you have been together is a nice romantic touch, which many men choose, and if you’ve been together for many years, that’s quite a bouquet.

With online solutions, it is very easy to send someone a bouquet of fresh flowers; once you have chosen a bouquet, proceed to check-out, fill in the information and the order will be processed and delivered to the lucky recipient.

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