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2019 is already fast moving and there is no better accessory that can update your style and fashion than pretty trendy glasses frames from a reputable brand. For those who can’t do without a pair of glasses, having a trendy glass frame this year can greatly add more meaning to your glasses drawer. 2019 brings a lot of stylish eyeglasses which you can’t afford to be left out of if you are a trendy glasses enthusiast.

Come on, let us delve deep into the trendy glasses frames 2019 and find out the styles and trends of glasses frame that will best suit your unique style:

Cat-eye glasses frames

The cat-eye glass frame features a rounded frame that flares out near the temples. They became popular in the 1950s and 1960s although they still have a massive following of women who like the retro-style. These glasses for women tends to be more suited for women with square or diamond shaped faces.

The cat-eye glasses frame style invokes a sense of sophistication, elegance, and are slightly exotic to the person wearing it. Most frames hold oval lenses with a protruded portion of the eyerim drawn out into an upward and outward point.

The cat-eye glasses frame can be made up of metal, rhinestone, or even plastic and will help highlight your beauty in a unique way depending on your face’s shape. For the most striking decorative innovation of on the cat-eye frame is the ‘brow’ that incorporated uniquely.

It is important for you to note the cat-eye glass frame can be ideal for a variety of face shapes and is not just perfect for a particular face shape. The pair that may be most ideal for you will be dependent on your most defined facial features. Discuss with your professional eye wear vendor to find the perfect cat-eye glass frame for you.

Trendy Glasses Frames 2019

Aviator glasses frame

The aviator glass frame is most commonly popular with sunglasses as it is known to have been worn by popular celebs including; Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Lenny Kravitz and also Michael Jackson. It is the perfect go to glass frame to put on this year as it is back in the fashion again. It is a timeless fashion favorite for almost everyone out there. And if you thought that the aviator is only perfect for sunglasses then you got it all wrong as it also works best for eyeglasses. It will give you a bold, fashion-forward style without necessarily taking up the chunky plastic route.

Just try to find out if the general aviator silhouette matches naturally with the shape of your face. Perhaps you could find out about this by perusing through online glasses prescription websites such as the Voogume prescription glasses to find some helpful guidance.  However, for you to perfectly spice up your fashion style with the aviator glass frames, there are some few considerations that you should be aware of. Please note that the aviator glass frame makes an excellent frame for sunglasses but will not work perfectly well for sunglasses for most people out there.

You can follow these considerations below for you to get along well with the aviator glass frames:

For the typical stock aviator would generally be most suitable for people with:

  • Larger and/or wide-set eyes

Aviator frames are a little wider and look more balanced when holding larger lenses that are perfectly matched with wide-set eyes which will appear more balanced within the extra wide frames.

  • Strong and angular features

The aviator frame is perfect for contrasting and softening the smooth curves and swooping corners thus making it ideal for you if you more sharp, angular and prominent features.

trendy eye glasses

Rhinestone glasses frame

The Rhinestone glass frames are a hugely popular glass frame for most people who prefer wearing stylish and classy sunglasses. However, the frames are beginning to get popular with eyeglasses as well as people begin to appreciate the unique style and elegance they give when they are worn. Their classy and subtle sparkles like diamond make them unique and are a beautiful addition for glasses lovers who love the diamond and sparkling look.

The Rhinestone sunglasses are one of the most sort after and beautiful looking sunglasses among all the types of sunglasses. A Rhinestone is basically a diamond stimulant which is made up of a rock crystal but these days Rhinestone is made from polymers such as acrylics and crystal glasses. A Rhinestone is generally is used in jewelry by its SS or (Stone Size) or PP (Pearl Plate)

Rhinestone is widely used as an imitation of diamonds and a when it comes to apparel and jewelry, it looks super gorgeous. If we talk about the Rhinestone sunglasses then they look super pretty as they look very royal and of high quality. A Rhinestone sun glass comes in different variety of shapes and sizes and one of the best sites which offer an amazing quality and quantity of Rhinestone Sunglasses is Vogueme.  Whether you need a cat eye Rhinestone sunglasses or a Rhinestone tortoise sunglasses, your search ends on Vogueme.

The Rhinestone glass frame style offers a very versatile style of glasses wear and you will find them in many different variations for you to choose from.

Surely, the Rhinestone glass frame will help take your 2019 glasses style to the next level!

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