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Couples may elope for several reasons. Maybe their families do not support their union or maybe they aren’t big on the formalities of the whole celebration. Whatever the reason may be, there are a lot of myths and things that don’t get discussed but are very important when eloping.

This article will discuss some of the main factors so that if you are planning to elope, you can ensure all bases are covered. For example, many think they don’t have to spend money when eloping but in fact there are still costs to consider. Have you brought your fiancée a ring? This can be a considerable expenditure and there are plenty of options around so planning is essential. Why not choose something unique such as pink diamond engagement rings for her?

Here are things no one tells you about elopement:

  • You Don’t Have To Skip Everything

Even though you haven’t invited all the guests, hired a venue, and gone through all the wedding planning, this doesn’t mean you still can’t have some luxuries. For instance, you may like to take out jet card membership and travel in luxury for your honeymoon. If you wish, you may still want to invite a few of your closest people as witnesses to watch you exchange vows and rings. Also, don’t think you have to take selfies or forgo the photographs. Hiring a photographer even for an hour can ensure you capture the special moments and you have plenty of pictures to look back through in the future.

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  • It’s Personal

It is up to the couple if they wish to elope and this decision is very personal. No matter what their reasons are for doing it they should be respected and not frowned upon for doing so.

  • There Is Still Planning Required

This is especially the case if you are planning to elope in a foreign destination. Many couples like the sound of eloping as they think it can be done on a whim however the ceremony does still need to be legal. Ensuring the local city hall is contacted so that the marriage licence laws are met is essential. You might need to do this well in advance to secure an appointment for the date you want. Another thing to remember is that you will need certain documents with you such as proof of ID and your birth certificates. This information and what is required may vary from place to place so it’s good to check beforehand.

  • You Can Still Accept Wedding Gifts

After you elope, you may wish to tell close friends and family and if you do, accept wedding gifts. This demonstrates warmth and inclusion into a special moment of your lives.


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  • It Might Still Be Expensive

Even though its nothing compared to the usual full wedding celebrations, it will still cost some money. Know how much you are willing to spend as you will want to book somewhere special to sleep the night before you get married. If you have a credit card, you can certainly make the most of it, and any perks it comes with, while you’re planning your marriage, and treat yourself to a few special things that are going to make the day that little bit extra-special. You also want to remember to buy the outfits and think about the meal you will eat after the wedding. These shouldn’t be rushed or made out to be less important as they will make up the memories of your special day together.

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