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Hi all! It’s been a hectic day. I woke up at 5’o clock in the morning and headed outside Delhi to my Paternal Aunt’s i.e. my father’s sister’s place.  She is quite unwell now days so we all family members decided to meet her today, she seemed better now.


Actually, Second October is a national holiday here in India. For uninitiated or out of Indian visitors to my blog who does not know that why today is a national holiday in India I would like to add that its the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi who is also called father of our nation. Happy Birthday Gandhi ji! 🙂

So today being a holiday we went to meet our aunt but I must say that today was quite hectic, we came back just now and I feel sad that I am not able to share some of the runway collections from Paris Fashion Week 2015 which I have saved yesterday. Though very tired and almost empty stomach, I have just opened my laptop and started working quickly on this update from Paris fashion week 2015.
Well! I am out of time and quite tired so today I will be sharing brief and quick articles and runway collection on this Indian beauty and fashion blog.
Now let me start the day (I know it’s night but it’s simple start of the day for this fashion blog..hehe) by sharing latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection by Chanel which was showcased in Paris fashion week recently.
As far as I am concerned, I am a huge fan of Chanel so I without a doubt like this latest collection by Chanel.  The best thing about the collection by Chanel this time is that Chanel came up with a handful of colors along with the use of white’s Black’s. We don’t see much of a collection in which white and black colors are dominant along with other colors like red, green, blue etc.
The collection seems to be very wearable and easy to carry. I personally feel that I can easily flaunt this fashion collection by Chanel without sacrificing my comfort and I will be at ease.
Now without chit chatting much let me share the whole collection with all of you fashion lovers. Actually I have tried to share almost the whole collection but in case anything is missing then please excuse.
So here comes the collection.. 🙂

Huff here it ends! Now friends, I will be very quickly sharing other designers and brands fashion collection at this fashion blog after finishing this blog post. It’s already 9.30 PM and my stomach is shouting like hell with hunger. Mom is shouting and I need to help her in preparation of the dinner as well. A lot of works are unfinished and un left to be done. I need to reply to all the emails, need to read news paper (I hardly miss reading a news paper as I love being up to date on current affairs), and off course eating dinner also takes a lot of time and I am feeling a terrible burn of hunger at my stomach so I can say that I need to eat non-stop for two hours at least..hehe..

So I am finishing this post quickly and bidding all of you a good bye and good night (don’t worry, I will be sharing other 2-3 runway post after this one, so stay tuned and enjoy the Paris Fashion Week 2015)

So fashion lovers! Did you like the collection by Chanel? Are you a fan of Chanel?  I love Chanel 🙂

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