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Hey good morning all! Happy Dusshehra 🙂 Hope you all are enjoying the day. I am still very tired and sleepy and just woke up and now sitting in front of my laptop browsing the internet and enjoying the morning tea. 🙂


The festive season is here, Navratra’s are just finished and today we have Dusshehra. I had planned to go to market in the evening but some guests are coming may be around 4-5 pm or so.  Thus I may have to skip going to market and most probably I have to make some arrangements for the guests. So guys! I may not be available in the evening at my beauty and fashion blog. 🙁 (well, who can blog 24X7??, not me 😉 )  

I must say that with blogging you find time is running so fast and most of the time you feel liking sharing so much at your blog but you end up sharing only one or two posts(that’s really bad) but I love fashion blogging world. You learn a lot and meet many like-minded people over the internet ( internet is indeed a great platform to make new friends! I have made many..yayyy).

Daily I feel like sharing a lot’s of fashion related posts, fashion news, fashion trends, fashion inspirations, wish-lists, lust lists, beauty topics but as we have only 24 hours in a day and at least 7-8 hours of a day we spent while sleeping so we end up with only 18-19 hours or so for other works.
In short, if you could spend 4-5 hours a day on blogging then it would be a great achievement. I always try to spend this much time on all my blogs but it’s actually a very little time to make your blog work. Blogging is a serious business and you need to work hard, spend more time and put some money in it. Only then you can make your blog work.

Most importantly your blog needs to have something unique which is different from what other bloggers are saying and doing, only then you can make a niche for yourself.

Aanyway I have already spread a lot of Gyan on this fashion blogging thing now it’s time to talk about the fashion update for which I am here today. Yesterday being very tired I was not able to share latest Spring/Summer 2015 Collection by Valentino which was showcased recently at the Paris Fashion Week. Let’s have a quick look at the collection:

By seeing the whole collection I am very much impressed by Valentino, though I have loved it’s collection in past as well but this time Valentino have not disappointed me at all. With a wonderful use of color’s like blues, whites and pastels which happens to be my favourite colors, I am impressed. Patterns were quite feminine and seem very comfortable. This collection truly did justice to to the name of Spring/Summer collection.
Red lips, nude makeup, half tied hair and stripped sandals completed the look very well. The collection is very much of the kind which I love. I would surely love to try some picks from this collection especially the skirts and dresses in blue. What say? Do you like the collection?

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