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Alia Bhatt In Zara
Hey Fashion lovers! I am back with yet another fashion post to share with you all 🙂 I love sharing celebrity fashion trends and this post is no exception. well! as you can see in the picture that, this post is about Bollywood fashion off-screen and the celebrity which I have picked today is Alia Bhatt. Most of us know that Zara is one of the favourite brands of Alia Bhatt and very often we see her wearing clothes from Zara only. In a recent event Alia was spotted wearing a Zara t-shirt at a Kick movie screening. The T-Shirt says” I am working on myself for myself by myself”..I like it 🙂 isn’t her casual look very cute? What say? 🙂
Alia Bhatt in Zara

Image Credit: Twitter

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