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The changing trend :

The internet is bustling with e-commerce websites and it is becoming tough to get a hold of what is genuine and what is bogus. With so many platforms coming up for retail, business has definitely become easy and given the opportunity to remote
retailers who once weren’t fortunate enough.
Online shopping which set out as a start-up has become a serious business which is only blooming. Marketers and industry experts see the trend of online shopping connecting with almost everyone in some or the other way. Whether it’s about not standing in long queues, or bonus discounts or saving money or online shopping sales, people have grown to shop online a lot more.

The season of sales :

Everyone loves the sale period. Of all, the online fashion salesare by far the most popular among the youth. And these days, online shoppingwebsites have marked seasons after which they announce the ‘End of the Season Sale’. This happens almost every two months in India; after summers, after spring, after monsoon, after autumn and then winters. During this fall season you can grab some amazing womens fashion sweaters at an amazingly attractive rates.
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For these events that generally last 3-4 days at length, the online shopping websites strategize over months and gear up for the heavy traffic on the sites. They discuss at lengths and
plan what would entice the consumer during sale periods.

However, there are a few things you need to be careful about when you shop during an online fashion sale. The jaw-dropping low prices can win you over but there’s more to it! We take a step and vary you of the loopholes that you might not have been aware of; thank us later!

1.Know what you don’t want

It’s a psychological bent that when you see something extremely attractive, you want it anyhow, no matter what. If it’s one size small, you buy it because it’s a great deal on sale and you can always lose those 2 kilos. NO. An absolute no. Figure out beforehand what you don’t want, what would suit you and what you already have. Sale deals are great but buying something you don’t need is not.

2.Check your size

All online shopping websites do not have the same size charts, or they may not even be what you think are standard. So it’s better you do this in two steps. First, measure yourself out.
Take proper measures for your waist, bust and butt to keep them in use. Second, visit the size chart section of the website you’re shopping at. This will let you know whether you should go for the Medium or the Large.

3.Refund and exchange policies

During the fashion sales online, most websites won’t take the pain to talk about the refund and exchange policy. Maximum items on sale are non-refundable (you’ll get to know only if you dig deep of that customary star saying ‘conditions apply’). The exchange policies or the ‘7-day return’ policies do not apply on most sale items. So, check this out before you are guilty of the sin!

4.Know when not to buy

Sure you can get lucky sometimes, but try avoiding buying out of the fashion sales online that offer more than a whopping 70% on an item. These are generally rejected materials with defects or are damaged items, so minute that you may not be able to see them at once. It may be dirt cheap, but anyway, you are spending your hard earned money on it. So, try avoiding during such periods.


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5.The best products to buy

There are a million products that are absolutely a no-brainer, don’t require a lot of size-figuring
and ones with whom you wouldn’t face a problem if not exchanged. During online sales, shop for items like bags ,
Branded shoes, women’s trench coats, hats, comfortable jeans, accessories, long boots, or even jewellery. There’s really nothing you can go wrong with, here.
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