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Today we are going to share 10 very essential items in a woman’s closet which are timeless and are basic for making a classic and amazing closet. Almost every item in this list is worth the investment and last long for many years. Whether you are out for an evening party or a formal meeting, these items are truly your best friend. So without delaying any further, let us discuss these essential items one by one:

Shapewear: Shapewear is one of the most underrated items in a women’s closet. Trust me, once you wear a shapewear underneath your dress then you will see a magical difference in your outer appearance. A shapewear makes your body look well toned by hiding any excess fat clinging from your body. Over all, a shapewear can transform your appearance. You can check out amazing quality shapewear from SKIMS.

Shapewear for women

Blue denims: Whether blue denims are boot-cut or skinny, these are for everyday use and are best for any casual look. Simply put on your blue denims with your favorite tee and you are ready to go.

white shirt for women
                                             Image credit: Lucky Brand

Black pants: Black is a classy color which goes well with everything. Black pants are something which you can’t afford to miss in your closet. Almost every color top, t-shirt or shirt goes perfectly well with black color pants so these are a must have.

Nude pumps: According to us the nude color is the best color when it comes to a footwear color. Whatever dress you wear, nude pumps go quite well with the look.

A long trench coat: trench coat look amazing whether open, loose, tied or buttoned up. To look amazing you can get classy Burberry trench coats if your pocket allows. And if your budget is not that high then you can invest in brands like Forever 21 or HM.

Trench coat for women

A white shirt: In case you are going for a dinner or appearing for an interview then a white shirt can make your look super elegant and classy. It’s a good idea to buy a size bigger that your usual size so that you avoid awkward gaps and pulling around your chest area.

white shirt for women
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Black dress- long and short:  A black dress is almost for every occasion, whether it’s a date night or a family get together, a pretty decent black dress will do the job. A black dress comes in different styles, length, patterns and designs. You can choose a black dress according to your taste and liking.

Long boots – camel, khakhi or tan: long boots without a doubt add a great style and elegance to your look. The ways to style long boots is just endless. You can try stylish long boots from Steve Madden and Clarks.

knee length tan boots for women
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Comfy lingerie: If you feel beautiful from within then you will feel great from outside! Pretty comfy lingerie is one of the most important things in your wardrobe. A pretty inside surely makes a beautiful outside!

Sunglasses:  A pair of classy sunglasses is a must have.  A nice pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun but it also adds great style and class to you overall appearance. Ray Ban sunglasses are one of the best sunglasses any one can opt for.

Sunglasses for women

So friends! Do you have these items in your wardrobe? These items mentioned here are a must to add more style and elegance to your look. 
What are the other items which you recommend? Do share with us the other items which you think that must be added in the list.

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