Your Style Guide For 2016

Each and every one of use want to look good and wear dresses according to fashion, season, occasion
and our body type but many a times we fail due to lack of fashion knowledge or a personal stylist.
But truly speaking how many of us can afford a fashion stylist? Not many actually. In reality
opting for a stylist means spending a huge sum of money so we don’t consider hiring a stylist as an option.
But don’t worry guys. We are here to guide you and give you latest information on fashion trends and styles 🙂


Now coming to our style guide for 2016, we have shortlisted some very stylish, classy and
in trend dresses that would make you stand apart and would surely make others praise your style and dressing sense.

We have made our compilation from one of our favorite fashion websites which offers
amazing and unique fashion stuff with best quality and exclusive range to make you
look cute, sexy and elegant.
Let’s quickly jump to some trendy dress styles for 2016:
Mini dresses: These dresses have always been in fashion. They are short, cute and make you look
very girly and fashionable. Mini dresses are a big “Yes” for our 2016 style list.
Midi dresses: Midi means a long dress. These dresses come in great variety and can be worn everywhere,
be it a family function or a beach party. Thus the versatility of Midi dress cannot be undermined.


Hey dresses: Hey dresses are also in these days. They look chic and can mesmerize any person with their beauty. Hey dress is a great option to style yourself during 2016


Sweater dresses: Sweater dresses can be worn at any occasion but the best and most appropriate occasion
to wear these is a formal function or outing. For that classy and elegant look opt for a sweater dress.


Shirt dresses: Shirt dress look very funky and are very easy to flaunt, carry, wear and maintain. So go and grab some funky shirt dresses.


Wrap dresses: Wrap dresses are one of my favorites. They give a good hint of style, beauty and you
can easily flaunt your curves with a wrap dress. So for that sensuous look go for wrap dresses.
Evening dresses: Last but not the least, an evening dress is a mother of all. A gorgeous evening dress
can take your look to the highest notch and make any girl jealous of your beauty.


 So girls! Why not go for these dress styles to look your best this year? All these dress styles never go out of fashion and we all should have a good collection of these dresses to look different and gorgeous during each and event that we attend 🙂
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