Online Shopping Offers and Deals

February 13, 2018

Online Shopping Offers and Deals

Online shopping is one of the best ways to shop for anything you like. No hassle, no long queues, no waiting for the billings to be done, proper relaxation, diverse range of products, varied discounts, and a lot more, I could go on and on.

Just like the theory of evolution, online shopping stores evolved with time too. These stores have been simplifying their user interface and are trying to understand what their customer base wants and on the basis of that, they try to do whatever is necessary to build their trust in the hearts of the people.

The world has seen eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, BestBuy and a various other online shopping platforms revolutionising the e-commerce sector. But in India, which are those e-commerce sites that people prefer to shop from and turn a blind eye to the others? Without a doubt, I can say that majority of the populations’ answers will be Flipkart and Amazon. However, there will be some exceptions who will say Snapdeal, Myntra and what not. Yes, they exist but they are not as big as Amazon and Flipkart. And when talking about both of these store, I must tell you that there has always been close competition between Flipkart and Amazon to be number 1 in the ‘top 10 e-commerce stores in India’ list: Sometimes either Amazon takes the first place or sometimes Flipkart but the commendable thing about both of them is that they dwindle between the first and the second place only, not below that.

Amazon sale has increased gradually since the previous years and the same is the case with the Flipkart sale. Both of these stores are very prominent in bringing out various Amazon offers and Flipkart offers, especially at the time of their respective sales.

Flipkart has its Big Billion Days Sale and Amazon has its Great Indian Festival Sale and in both of these sales, these top contenders give out various exciting coupons: Flipkart Coupons and Amazon Coupons. These coupons have a particular code which can be used to get a discount on the purchase.

Now, the topic of the war is: Which one offers more discounts? Human beings are greedy, it is in their nature; but, Indians are different, they buy things on the basis of sale, no matter if it will be useful or not, they will buy it, if it is in any way profitable to them. They go with the mentality of Kabhi Kaam Ayega.

So, Yes!, In India, the e-commerce store who offers the best discounts wins extra sales. Other than that, the services matter too, in some way, Amazon has the upper hand right now. With its Prime Membership Amazon has captured the market and in some way, this prime membership has made those prime members temporarily permanent (a year long membership). After taking the membership why will someone buy from someplace else and pay extra for one day delivery or free delivery? No one would do that. Free one day or normal delivery is not the only benefits of the prime membership. Along with this, you get access to prime video too, where you can watch various movies and TV Shows for free (a Netflix counterpart). To compete with the Amazon Prime Membership, Flipkart is rumoured to launch a revamped royalty programme for its customers. But, no matter what, the fight of becoming the best in the sector of e-commerce has favoured Indian citizens and they are lucky enough to get all the benefits.

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