Travelling and STDs

December 26, 2017

People generally enjoy travelling. Trips can help revitalizing your life, understanding who you really are and what you really want. Sometimes, however, trips may force you into increasing your knowledge about health issues.

Travelling and STDs
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Some of us see travelling as a mean of having a lot of random sexual encounters. For some sex is the only purpose of trips, that's how sex tourism had appeared. But, unfortunately, all the pleasures come with their prices. Getting kinky enough to have sex with a stranger on some exotic resort can culminate into you testing for STDs. Of course, when you hear STDs, the very first thing that pop-ups in your mind is HIV, but there are others sexually transmitted diseases that are not deadly. The fact that most common STDs, like herpes, HPV, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea are not deadly, doesn't make them more pleasant. In order for you to continue travelling without getting paranoid, we offer you to check out our advice on how to avoid STDs on your trips.

1. Don't Trust Anyone

When it comes to viral STDs, you can't trust even people whom you know well. Needless to say that you can't trust strangers in other countries. Of course, protection isn't your top priority when you get kinky anticipating sexcapades with some hotty that you've met at the bar on some resort. But if you don't want sexcapades to culminate into your visiting doctors on a regular basis, better use condoms. Do condoms prevent STDs? Nothing gives you 100% protection, but believe us condoms are way better than your blind belief that something like that can't happen to you because you believe in God or because you know the national anthem by heart. Viruses don't really care about your beliefs or your career's accomplishments.

2. You Are Inclined to Make Mistakes

There is not a single person in the world that hadn't made mistakes. No matter how much you are educated on the issue, you can still make mistakes. Don't let your kinkiness fool you. Your prospective partner for tonight may look absolutely innocent and claim that he or she had never had STDs, you need to keep your head cool and use condoms. As we've mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can't trust anyone, and you shouldn't exclude yourself from the list. No matter how careful you generally are, you can act against your rules for one reason or another. So, when on trips, make sure that you are protected, as testing on STDs in foreign countries may be a living hell.

3. You Can Contract STDs from Any Kind of Unprotected Sex

You thought that you couldn't contract STDs from oral sex? Well, you were 100% wrong. Although the risk is much lower than from intercourse, none the less, you can contract a disease. Basically, STDs spread through all the contacts of body fluids, so the best way to protect yourself is avoiding contacts with any body fluids like blood, sperm and pre-ejaculate fluids. The only body fluid that will do you no harm is saliva, but you can't know for sure, whether your partner has or hasn't scratched his/her gums while brushing the teeth in the morning. Thanks to our friends from  YesDating for providing this article.

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