Top 7 Unforgivable Style Mistakes You Make

September 26, 2017

Sometimes you look at a girl and wonder: she is wearing basic clothes but looks stylish. And then you look at another girl: she is wearing expensive/trendy clothes but looks not very attractive. The price tag on your skirt or blouse doesn’t matter because nobody sees it. But everyone sees your ability to combine your clothes and create your own style. However, many women make huge mistakes when choosing their outfits. In order to look stunning even in cheap or not very trendy clothes, you need to be aware of common style mistakes and get rid of them immediately.

Top 7 Unforgivable Style Mistakes You Make
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Even if you think that you have a perfect sense of style, it will be useful for you to revise what you already know or maybe find out something new. So, here are the most popular fashion blunders.

1    1)     The wrong colors.

The first thing you should pay attention to is “your” colors, or the colors that suit you. If you know your right colors, you can look great even without makeup. The easiest way to find out which color is “yours” is to try on the clothes of this color. If it’s your color, your face will as if radiate even with no cosmetics. Choose colors that suit you the most and try to buy clothes in this color range.

2      2)   The wrong cut.

No matter how gorgeous the dress you fancy is, don’t buy it right away. First, try it on and estimate whether it will hide your imperfections and whether it will accentuate your merits. Know your type of figure and shapes and textures that fit you well. When you have in mind what parts of your figure you want to emphasize and what you want to conceal, you can easily find the appropriate cut.

         3)  Blind trend hunting.

This is one of the most widespread and gross errors. Fashion is great, it gives directions. But you shouldn’t turn into its slave or become a fashion victim. Wearing fashionable clothes, irrespective of whether they suit you or not, is pointless. You should, first of all, like them.

         4) Untidiness.

You’ll never look stylish and attractive if you wear not very clean, crumpled or worn-out clothes, no matter how expensive they are. There is only one exception – grunge. Take care of your clothes. There should be no lint, stains, holes, loose seams, and foreign matters such as hairs.

        5) Breaking the balance.

Mix of styles, bold combinations of colors and prints are trendy now. What we considered as a bad taste several decades ago, is actually trendy and topical today. Nonetheless, there is always a certain boundary. Everything should be balanced and harmonious. If you want to give way to your creativity and boldness, it’s important to keep the balance. It’s so easy to overdo it. Mirror selfies can be useful – you can assess your look from the side. If you don’t have a knack for combining unmatchable, then it’s better not to experiment.

        6)  Out of place accessories.

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. They can either complement your look making a perfect finishing touch or spoil it completely. No accessories and the abundance of them are two extremes some women go to and ruin their looks. Be moderate and you’ll win. A belt, an elegant pendant, or a beautiful scarf – these are the accessories you can safely wear.

        7) Dressing not for your age.

Another unforgivable mistake is wearing the clothes that are not meant for your age. Nothing looks more stupid than a mature woman wearing teenager-style outfits or a young girl wearing some posh clothes (furs) preferred by more mature ladies. This doesn’t mean that girls can’t wear women’s classics, and mature women can’t wear stylish tracksuits. It’s important to assess the appropriateness of this or that attire to the situation, your age, and your figure.

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