Which Wedding Dress Factory You Should Choose From Suzhou Tiger Hill

September 12, 2016

Suzhou Tiger Hill is the China largest wedding dress production base; there is nearly a thousand of wedding dress factories nearby. Whether in quantity or diversity, it has been more than Guangzhou and become the main import city of wedding dress. If you are planning to import wedding dress from China, then Suzhou Tiger Hill must be included in your visit list and as the most iconic wedding dress manufacturer, Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd must be your priority.

Jusere Showroom

1. Why Jusere? As one of the largest wedding dress manufacturers in Suzhou, Jusere doesn’t have a MOQ limit, for some small and medium sized wedding dress shops, this is good news.
Owners who had worked with the factory would know that purchasing from factories directly especially clothing would have a MOQ limit. For purchasers, the less MOQ and the better which could ensure their cash flows stable, no one want their money be occupied by inventory. But for manufacturers, more order quantity and better, because when the production quantity is more, single product costs will be lower, and profits will be higher. So MOQ is the final result from the two thoughts game.
The reason why the factories set the MOQ is that usually the production cost for one wedding dress is relatively high, from design to the procurement of raw materials, especially when you have special requirements of dresses, fabric and bead material. Mass production will make the production cost lower, and during the production, such as design, a board etc. will save a lot of cost. So the mass production cost is relatively lower, the purchasers could accept.
So if all above said is correct, why Jusere not set MOQ? On the one hand, Jusere has the product resources accumulated over the years and the production cost can be effectively controlled, it can be at the lowest cost even production of a single piece; on the other hand, think about the demands of customization are increasing, Jusere wants to get more customers by this way.

2. The second important reason is that Jusere has its own design team, releasing nearly one hundred new styles every month. More styles available, no matter retailers or rental shops; they all will improve their competitiveness.

How to stand out from the competitors? Many people lose themselves in price war, but when the price becomes transparent, adjustable price space will be narrowed, and the price war will only reduce their own profits, for a long-term consideration, it is not wise. For retailers, the price war is not the master key, how to provide better service and a variety of styles are the keys to make their stick out from competitors in the future.

Suzhou is able to replace Guangzhou, not only because of price; another important reason is that there are more available styles than Guangzhou market. Guangzhou has very few factories that can provide a large number of styles for customers; one is because most factories don’t have the ability to design, on the other hand is because the factory production capacity is insufficient. There are some other factories by copying some international well-known brand wedding dresses to expand their styles, but sell this kind of products will have a certain risk, Suzhou has the same problem, too.

Why Jusere are better than other factories?
An important reason is they have strong design ability. At the beginning of construction, Jusere have realized they must have their own design in the future development of the invincible, so long ago they began to develop their own team of designers and start their own fashion week, to enhance brand awareness and show latest products for more retailers.

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