Revisit Your Roots With Colour With Asian Paints

April 12, 2016

When it comes to painting your home then the first thing which comes to your mind is how to choose a paint colour for every room. Now just imagine a place with a large variety of colours at your disposal, where you can experiment with them in real time to decide which colour looks best. That’s what Asian Paints signature store at Connaught Place, Delhi is all about; here you can put your personality, outlook and creativity to work so that you can see the result instantly, and that too with experts in the field at your disposal.

The store is full of new age techniques like 3D mapping, colour moods, designer wallpapers, furniture makeover possibilities- things you imagine as well as the unimaginable.

Recently, Asian Paints came up with a theme called ‘Folk In Vogue’. The basic idea behind the theme is to revive rich Indian art forms and to give them a modern spirit by working with artisans and craftsmen from different mediums of Indian Folk art. Keeping this in mind, Colours With Asian Paints had organised a special event on 30th March 2016 where they invited 20 phenomenal women from diverse fields who have stuck true to their roots yet have achieved what they truly belive in. This special session was to celebrate this unparalleled relationship between strong women and traditional art as they both are defined by the strength of their roots and the pace with which they imbibe changing trends and times.   

Check out the inspiring videos of these strong and phenomenal women to understand their take on ‘Folk In Vogue’ by clicking the link below:

Keeping in line with this theme, Asian Paints had also organised a competition at NIFT where the students were asked to paint their vision on the college walls and they came up with some very creative and unique designs. 

By all these efforts Asian Paints has succeeded in starting a movement to bring the traditional art creations of Indian crafts persons and artists from rural villages to modern lifestyle spaces and urban homes for discerning customers. So people what are you waiting for? Visit the Asian Paints signature store at Connaught Place, Delhi to experience, touch and feel these endless possibilties.

Asian Paints Colour Store Address:
Kashi House, A-3/8a, Radial Road Number 2,
Connaught Lane, New Delhi, DL 110001
Telephone Nos.: 

Store Timings:
10.00am – 9.00 pm
Open 7 days

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