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March 02, 2016

Hello everyone! How are you all? As I always say that I love shopping and I don’t know why but since my childhood I have great affinity towards Indian traditional and ethnic clothes. Be it lehenga, suit or saree I love all! Whenever I get a chance to shop any Indian attire then I hardly miss such an opportunity. :)

Thus its needless to mention that online shopping of Indian clothes is my favorite hobby as online shopping saves your time and money both at the same time and also online shopping offers you a great amount of variety to choose from.

Actually this love of mine had cost me a lot of bugs for so long so now days I am quite careful in purchasing Indian clothes so that I spend my money quite precisely.

Now coming to my recent purchase, I was looking for a website that offers exclusive Indian clothes from where I can get a good quality anarkali suit of my choice at a reasonable rate. I landed up at which along with offering a good variety of suits was also giving an option to order for stitching of the same. I got quite excited as the money they were charging was quite low as compared to what I used to give to my stitching master so I thought why not try out the same?

Let’s quickly see what is all about?

Sareez is one of the largest and the most recognized online stores for Indian ethnic wears. Founded in 1995, Sareez, today, has emerged to be a globally loved and preferred provider of a variety of Indian ethnic attires including Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas, Sherwani, Kaftans and more. We are based out of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We at Sareez boast of our team of designers and craftsmen, who works together to make our dream of defining Indian ethnicity come alive.

*(Taken from website)

Now coming to my online shopping at, I after searching for a good anarkali suit placed an order for the same along with its stitching.

My experience with

Well! It was a pleasant experience getting associated with I got my order within 7-8 days. As they were to stitch my anarkali so I was much impressed with their speedy delivery of the same. Talking about packaging, though it is not the best in the market if compared with other online shopping giants but nevertheless it was satisfactory and I received my order in good condition without any tempering.

After opening the packet, I was impressed with the quality of cloth and it color matched the same reference picture at their website. Coming to stitching, I would say that it was not a 100 percent perfect fit but except sleeves, it fitted me well and it can be worn without any modification, though I will be doing a little sleeve alteration work ;).

But trust me! It was great feeling that you open an online ordered Indian anarkali which is ready to wear and is a good fit. In short I was impressed!

My Rating: 4.5/5

Would I recommend to all of you?

Most definitely! These days it’s not easy to find an online fashion store which is reliable and get clothes stitched according to you specifications so this website is a great initiative and the way it is going, it’s not far that this website will become a giant in Indian fashion clothing.

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