Online Shop VS Physical Shop of Wedding Dresses

February 26, 2016

Wedding dress occupies an extremely important position in a wedding. But the high price of a wedding dress in a shop scare off many brides-to-be. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, these people have one more choice as today's affordable wedding dress is not far away. More and more brick and mortar shops become the fitting room, and the rising of platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and so on, encourage more brides-to-be flow to the online shop. Now let’s look briefly at the difference between entities shop and online store.

When talking about buying a wedding dress, most people still go and search in the physical shops in a nearby market. Actually their shopping habits which formed for many years will not change immediately. 
Now coming to a physical shop, in a physical shop you can see the specific items rather than a picture online (even the video can not be equal to), and the feeling after trying on cannot be replaced by the virtual network. The guidance of a professional sales consultant is also unable to get through online trading. All these are advantages which physical stores have.
The disadvantage of physical shops mainly is the high prices of goods. Physical shops need to rent, decorate and hire clerks so these inherent cost is inevitable. And these factors make the price of a wedding dress be much higher than those online. In order to cut costs, many physical stores choose to cooperate with overseas factories. China is definitely their first consideration. In Suzhou and Guangzhou of China, you can find some good wedding dress factories like Jusere wedding& evening dress Co. Ltd. They have the professional team of designers and high quality products, the prices are only half of those on the domestic markets of Europe and the United States. But, it cannot solve the problem of high price completely.
Now days opening an online shop is relatively simple. A websites costs mainly come from the website construction and later promotion. Compared with the entity shop, online shop has more customers. If you are strong enough, global brides-to-be can be your potential customers. There are many ways for online shop promotion. If you have many fans on social websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so on, it will be much easier to promote. Because of low costs, the prices of wedding dresses selling on the online shop are attracting, especially for some Chinese online shops, the price can be less than $100.
Online wedding dress shops are facing three problems. The first is the quality of products; the second is serious homogeneity, and the third one is brand construction. The flooding negative evaluation of wedding dress online shopping on the internet will seriously affect the craving of potential customer. The online price is transparent. Thus, the competition between thousands of online shops can easily turn into a price war, and will compress the corresponding profit space. Moreover, for a wedding dress online shop its very difficult to build a brand. It’s not a simple matter to stand out from a lot of the low price competitor.
We all know that we usually face common problems such as ill-fitting when buying a dress online. While buying in a physical shop will not. If the budget allows, I believe that many brides-to-be will choose physical shop. The shoppers of online shopping lock on some tight budget users. Of course, some users who need to customize can also be a mainstream of online shopping in the future. For friends who intend to open a wedding dress shop, they need to analyze their advantages and disadvantages in advance, including their own funding issues, etc., After the precise positioning, they  can face the future better.

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