December 30, 2015

Have a business? Want to make it big? Well then this post is just for you. All businesses when small, are faced with the problem of scarcity of funds and then comes the problem of choice, the basic economic problem. But now with comes a solution of all such problems.

It is a marketplace where you can open your free online shop and market your product. These products can attain the audience that they deserve and you can be a happy seller. The problem faced by all small sellers is multifold. They cannot really afford the whole maintenance of a website as a result their customers remain confined to a restricted area. With selling online, an entrepreneur can have the space and scope not only to grow big but also grow fast!

One has two motives when starting a business especially when the business is small and the funds are limited, i.e. to limit the expenses and increase the revenue. This platform offers a small business just that, and more. By signing up on one can not only sell the products online but also at the same time interact with like-minded people and share experiences.

This is not just your online showroom but much more, it’s a community where people can share, follow and interact with, and learn from, a lot of people. Not just this, they also aim at reducing the transactions costs and by this providing the lion’s share of this saving to both the buyer and the seller.
The basic version has been kept free and there are no restrictions or preconditions for opening a showroom, which can be opened in plurality. So this means free services for all those who cannot afford a website for their products and those who want better services can switch to premium which gives more to their products.

Moreover with Facebook shop app(which is free) one can get more customers as fans can buy directly from Facebook. This not just makes it simple for the customer, buying the product but also makes the seller reach an even larger audience. And with the convenience this offers there are bound to be more and more areas for your business’s growth(going by the principles of consumer satisfaction and convenience). 
So with this a small business can make money online by adding as many products as it wants and selling it to as large an audience as it can attain in competition. The showroom is global and penetrating deeper into new regions. So what are you waiting for? sign up here

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