How to Style Your Hair with a Taper Fade

December 11, 2015

The popularity of the taper fade hairstyle has seen many men of different ages adopt it as their official look. Its simplicity is one of the reasons for its fame as it can be styled in different ways without losing its basic look.

Even so, creating your own personal style that incorporates a taper fade can be a bit hard at first glance. However, with some inspiration from photos online or in magazines, you can be able to adopt a style that meets your needs. Some of the simple ways that you can style your hair with this fade include:

  1. Spiked taper fade is one way that you can style the taper fade so that it resembles a Mohawk hairstyle that is common among the punk crowd. The longer part of the hair is styled into spikes using quality hair gel. The sides of the hair are trimmed until there is minimal or no hair left. To better enhance this particular hairstyle put on stylish sunglasses when going out with friends.
  2. Taper fade with unique styles allows you to express your creativity through your hairstyle. Different designs can be engraved into the fade depending on your preference so that your personality is seen on your head. Some of the popular designs among young men include the zigzag pattern or wavy line to add volume to the hairstyle.
  1. Longer hair with taper fade is a good style for men that do not want to lose the length that they have maintained for many years. Although taper haircuts are are usually done with shorter hair at the top, if you have long hair, it will still work great with the back as well as sides of the head clipped.
    4.      Curly taper fade works well with hair that is naturally curly and fine to touch as well. The taper fade helps showcase the curls on top of the head in a stylish manner regardless of your hair color. This style can be done on Caucasian as well as black hair with the final result looking great when done by a barber.

In general, the taper haircut is an all round hairstyle that can be personalized to complement different lifestyles. However, for a perfect final look, it is advisable to have your hair styled by a professional barber who uses quality products as well as tools to make their clients look good.

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