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December 21, 2015

Hello fashion buddies! Today I have quite an interesting news for all of you, but before discussing about that I would like to ask you a question that how many times have you wished not to repeat an apparel at a party outing? Well! I know most of us want to wear new dress every time we meet our friends and relatives so that no one can come to us and say “hey girl! Weren’t you wearing the same dress in the last week’s party? Huff for me such a situation is quite embarrassing but what can be done?  With our busy lifestyles we cannot remember the dress or other apparel that we wore at one event or the other. Can we?

It’s quite difficult though not unmanageable but we all are already occupied with so much of work and other day-to-day activities that it becomes almost impossible to recollect and remember about our pre-worn stuff. 

 But remember girls! It might not be difficult for your aunts and all, who’s favorite pass time is just to scan your wardrobe and fashion accessories whenever you go for a public meeting or an outing.

But how can this problem be tackled? Finally, there is an awesome fashion app named VeeV, it is out in the market and available for free for iPhone and Android. With VeeV’s help you can easily take an image of the apparel and easily enter important information such as where you wore that dress, from where you purchased and who all were there at the event. That’s not all, also you can share the dress pics and other details with your friends and relatives and plan your future events and outings accordingly. Wow Sounds interesting na! :)

Let’s quickly see what is VeeV all about:

More about VeeV
VeeV is an advanced image processing app, which helps you keep track of your apparel (or other physical items.) All you need to do is take a picture of your apparel, app lets you know when and where you wore it last and who else was in attendance with you.

Why do you need VeeV?

VeeV is a must have app for fashionistas who do not want to repeat the same outfit from head-to-toe with the same crowd. VeeV helps avoid repeating what you wore at a past event by keeping a tally of event participants.
My Experience with VeeV:
A few days ago, I downloaded the VeeV app on my Android phone which was quite easy to install and trust me it doesn’t take much of your phone memory. I created my account on VeeV and had to activate the app from the link that was sent to my email id. It was quite easy and then, I was redirected to camera where I could click the image of my fashion apparel so that I can organize my fashion dresses for every day, parties, events etc. What more? I could share images of my apparel on my social media as well. In short VeeV is my digital stylist which is very handy. I feel quite excited and thrilled that finally I have found a genuine friend who can take care of all what I wear.

VeeV also displays daily weather to help dress up for the day accordingly.  Also, having my fashion collection on my phone helps in shopping for missing matching items in my collection.

Suggestion: The app performed best when I took photos in good lighting and used WiFi connection.

Would I recommend downloading the VeeV app for all of you?
Most definitely! It’s your digital stylist and your best style friend.

You can download the app here:

Link to downloading iOS version from App Store:

Link to downloading Android App from Google Play

My Rating: 4.8/5

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