Your Guide For College Selection and Relocation

October 15, 2015

Hey all! What's going on? Well! I am based in Delhi and since my childhood I have been living here only. For very long I wanted to go out of home especially to some far off place to become more independent, confident and extrovert, be it in India or outside India but my family never let me to go out. There were many reasons for the same such as I was very much afraid of living alone as I never had an experience of living on my own.

Also the expense of living alone and outside Delhi was what made me to quit the thinking of going out of my city and living at a far off place.

So basically, I had not known any other place so I and my family was reluctant.

Actually if you are planning to live alone and far away from your family especially if you want to study or opt for a job then you should have thorough knowledge about the place you are planning to go. I Have many friends who are residing out of Delhi such as Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai etc. For example many of my friends are living in Andhra Pradesh for pursuing further studies and some of them are pursuing degree from bba colleges in Andhra Pradesh, some are into humanities side and a good chunk of my friends have also opted to pursue LLB from law colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

Few days back I was taking tips from them regarding how to stay outside your home or place without getting home sick and how to mingle with the culture of the place you have opted to pursue your study from. Most of them had one answer that its best to know and research for the place you are planning to relocate  and most of them told me that before relocating to Andhra Pradesh, they had a priority to know Andhra Pradesh so that they can get easily mixed with the feel and culture of the city.

Now I know the key to relocation and going out of your native place to other location, stay happy and feel at home so guys it's very important to know the place before relocation and in case you are planning to shift in near future then do a thorough research on the place you wish to go, it will help you immensely :)

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