Stunning Indian Designer Wear At GlowIndian And My Experience

October 29, 2015

A Few days ago, I got a call from an unknown number on my cell phone that seemed like a spam call at first but when I picked it up I was thrilled to hear my aunt’s voice who had recently moved to the United States with her family. She sounded happy but at the same time she seemed worried. After speaking to her for a while I realized that due to new surroundings and people she was feeling homesick. I assured her that it would all be okay soon once she got familiar with the new atmosphere and country.

At the start of our conversation she excitedly told me all about her new experiences in the US, which were very new for her as she had never been outside India before.

On one hand she loved certain aspects of the country and her new life, but on the other she had a few complaints, too, especially her inability to find Indian ethnic clothes like Mysore silk sarees and South Indian sarees. Even though she had found an Indian clothes shop in her city, the prices were too high and the designs outdated.

I understood her problem as I know she feels most comfortable in Indian ethnic clothes, so I could feel her disappointment at the lack of a good place to buy Indian clothes. I decided I would solve her problem. That evening I messaged my friends outside India about how they purchase good quality clothing online. They recommended websites that ship outside India, and most of them suggested that I try From their remarks, this website had quite a buzz among the NRI community, so I decided to check it out.  I was quite impressed with the variety of Indian designer sarees online, bridal lehengas online, plus-size clothing online on the website.

After browsing the website, I decided to purchase a blue, cream and beige salwar kameez and a cream Mysore Silk saree for my aunt, and a lehenga ghagra choli and a black salwar kameez for my cousins. I crossed my fingers hoping I had chosen the right website and good quality clothes for my relatives.

 I got a call from my aunt yesterday and this time she was full of enthusiasm and happiness. She wanted to thank me for my choice of Indian ethnic clothing online that I have purchased for her and my cousins. She could not stop praising the packaging and quality of the sarees and lehengas online that I ordered for her. It was then that I heaved a sigh of relief and felt happy that I made the right choice in selecting which delivered the clothes within a matter of days.

I told my aunt about the website and told her that she can now order the best Indian ethnic clothes right from her home in the US. She is very happy that she now has a very user-friendly website that fulfils the Indian ethnic wear needs of NRIs and others who love Indian clothes. I am happy for my aunt and I must say that glowindian is doing an amazing job by making amazing quality, exclusive Indian clothing online available. Kudos to them!

Would I recommend Glowindian as the best place to shop for Indian clothes?

Most definitely! It’s an amazing website to buy and get Indian clothing shipped anywhere in the world. I highly recommend it. 

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My rating: 4.8/5

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