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October 24, 2015

Hey you readers! We seldom find ourselves in need of some fashion stuff and changing the place and easiness every time becomes tedious in a sense. Okay, when in desire of some fashion stuff what generally do we all opt for? Accessories, clothing, designer ethnic dresses etc.

Don't you wish for a dream come true if you could find the best in all these things, in designer labels (who doesnt want that??), at a one stop shop at your convenience 24X7?   Don't you think Its going to be a great thing to have everything 'Designer' you need for yourself at one place? Its gonna be a piece of cake!! Isnt it? We found one such heaven for the design conscious diva in you.....and that's not even the best part!!  The surprise element is meeting and knowing and entirely new league of extremely talented designers, each offering something different to the style conscious customer.  We all are often inclined towards  this thing that more the convenience, better the shopping spree and better the pricing, more the happiness :)

Hold your breath for this heaven of a discovery we just made called Basically, this website has everything you will ever need at your fashion haul! “One stop solution” being the right statement for it. Starting with the designer creations, it has accessories, heritage collection and clothing for kids as well. You will find classically created stoles and dupattas, all hand woven and hand crafted. Different kinds of elegant ear cuffs and neck pieces which are precisely elite are just to name a few! Under the designer index you’ll have an option of choosing your favorite designer and will get every piece crafted by them. Graciously produced designer footwear, clutches, stoles are great picks. Not just the traditional side is visible, but also the modern cuts of apparel is impressive. The price range is pretty flexible but a bit on the costly side given the kind of rich and decent craft they use. For the finest quality they provide, we'd say its a great buy anyday!

Primarily the idea is to provide the customers with every fashion need from clothing, stoles and jewelries to purse and shoes. Upcoming designers are getting Ekatrra a fresh and enthusiastic innovative stuff and encourage the Indian traditional style of glamour and also keeping pace with the contemporary style of emerging India. While on their site, you’ll see the customers’ query section and their feedback on the shopping haul. Their customer friendly package includes that you can post your query on styling issues and you’ll have it answered by the designers themselves. You don’t get to shop just for yourself but also for the kids in your family.  

Ekatrra is an emerging website for all the fashion lovers making them know the value of flawlessness and well-designed Indian wear. Looking for designer labels and you haven't visited there yet.....where have you been? Take our clue and book yourself a piece today! :)

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