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September 23, 2015

Hey all fashion lovers! What’s going on? This time I am here to solve two of the most important problems which we all face every time we open our wardrobe

“What to do with our over-stuffed  closet?” & "How to get new and branded clothes online at affordable rates? :)

Do you guys have a wardrobe which is full of branded clothes and accessories and yet you don’t have anything to wear on a party night? You keep staring at your closet whenever you have to step out and you don’t find anything in your collection?  

Being brand & style conscious is not really easy and it is rightly said “Being fashionable is a full time job”. Every time you step out with that label on your back, attitude on your shoulders and a big broad smile on your face, that’s the time you get lot of appreciations from everyone. 

But somehow I really feel that all those branded clothes we buy are never repeated and they are not at all cheap, we all know that. Personally being a ZARA fan, a party dress won’t cost me less than 4,000 bucks and even if I want I can’t repeat that dress more than twice or thrice.

Now let’s assume that somehow we are able to sell our gorgeous branded clothes online at a click of a button and that too at good rates. Isn’t it like a dream come true? :) Since my teenage, I always wanted to have good branded clothes in my closet as they are best in style, quality and have a long durable life. Who doesn't want that? But fashion and brands are pricey and you also cannot just keep repeating those clothes. What to do..??

Today is the solution day and I have a solution for all your needs.
How about getting a website where we can sell & buy branded clothes?

What could be better than having a website which puts you so close to what you love and that is pure FASHION. I must say the idea behind sharing your closet and your style with other fashion lovers sounds too exciting.

Even we could be the next Style Gurus

Very recently I was introduced to a newly launched website named “Closera” which is definitely solving our problems.  Just register with them and put your dresses, tops, sandals, bags, etc. for sale.  Fill up a small form describing your product, upload beautiful pictures, chose your selling price and VOILA your product is on their website to be sold. 

I was earlier reluctant in doing so but the process transparency and ease of doing it made me a huge fan. You even have an option to chat with the buyers or the sellers, comment on their products and if you feel the need to ask a question privately just shoot out your question directly to the seller. This facility on the website is indeed a great confidence booster and what’s more? They pick up the product from your location and deliver it to your buyer. They manage everything from logistics to money and in the end they will transfer all your earnings to your specified bank account. 
A tip from my side: Closera is very much strict regarding quality and originality of clothes and the brands that you upload, so sellers need to upload only genuine and hardly used products  which are beneficial to both the parties. 

Isn’t it great! Such a great initiative, I like this idea on which “Closera” is working. Click here to know the whole process

So guys next time you see your closet stuffed with those branded clothes you don’t wear anymore, simply upload your dresses, gowns, party wear suits etc on Closera.

We all know that you cannot throw your branded clothes away; neither can you donate them, so why not use them to earn money and refill your closets. But this time we should buy from Closera itself as the products listed there are at almost 70% discount. Isn't it great? It’s easy, hassle free and very quick for both sellers and buyers. So guys; be a part of 
WWW.CLOSERA.COM and  you will surely love it!

You can get some tips and see interviews of top rated sellers here
You can check out how to upload your stuff via this video.

Image Credit: Haulbox, playbuzz

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