My Unending Love For Shoes: Lust List!

July 06, 2015

Let me ask you all today… a very but obvious question, and I try my best not to make any imbecile statement out here, but who all have this craze for shoes which never grows dim! Well, I have and I know you all too. This is why I get you guys a post, totally and completely intended to exchange my know-how on this particular topic of “shoes”. Yay! Cheer up… J I have always had this craze for collecting shoes, be it whatever kind. I always hanker after pretty kinds and casual ones as well. Let me just briefly list out the types of shoes-
  • §  Boots
  • §  Pumps
  • §  Platforms
  • §  Wedges
  • §  Sneakers
  • §  Ballerinas
  • §  Stilettos etc etc.

Basically, every lady should have 5 out of these 7 shoes types, seriously! is one of the selling sites which have fabulous collection of shoes, and they leave a taste which won’t go until you buy. Check the site anytime, you get shoes for every weather. What else do you want? This site provides the most edgy and chic collection of all times in collaboration with new creative designers.

I think that every woman from any walk of life on earth has at least a tinge of desire to own an adorable pair of shoes. Shoes is a very important part of dressing up, be it ethnic, western, country type, it just is needed as much as any other accessory. As always I say you get lots of options online to select your favorite shoes in your budget. Oh! And did I tell you about the price range of the above mentioned site…it starts from $0.01 to $100.00. You might just get your match! Shoes cannot be avoided, and gorgeous shoes might incite you to buy more.

You all must have enjoyed the pictures tagged here as well. In short you can say, my intention was to impel you to start the already desired craze and an ultimate go-crazy campaign for shoes…so what is your ‘wish-list of shoes’? 

Author: Nishtha

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