Wedding Dresses From Landybridal

June 20, 2015

Hey there guys! Today’s article is all about wedding dresses… that adds to being elegant, charming, adorable and a beautiful bride. :-)  I have come across an equally exquisite website, that is Landybridal , trust me it is perfect for the wedding thing.

Who are landybridal people?

Landybridal are a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturers, who own their own factory and are known to have their exports worldwide. They say that they have been active in this business for around 15 years or so. They are in wholesale and retail business as well. 

What are their products?

If we talk about their product lines, they have characteristically lots of variants. i.e.-
v  Bridal Dresses,
v  Bridesmaid Dresses,
v  Flower Girl Dresses,
v  Mother of the Bride Dresses,
v  Wedding Suits,
v  Special occasion Dresses ,
v  Wedding Accessories,
v  Wedding Favors,
v  Men’s Formal Wear,
v  Shoes, Gifts, Bags & Boxes etc.

Mainly we are going to talk about their-

I personally liked the lace wedding dresses, they are so sophisticated and glam. The fabrics used are different like satin, chiffon, lace, tulle etc. They have beautiful variants in terms of neckline, back style, shapes, color, embellishments, length etc. and this is what is needful when a customer orders their needs.  The price range can be set according to your budget. The lowest range is maybe $315. You get to choose from their massive collection of unique styles and designs.

Now comes open back wedding dresses, the name itself is so appealing, isn’t it? J They literally left me in awe when I saw them. They are beyond appealing and provide you with the best of classic designs. The price range for this starts with $200. Whether you want a low cut or the usual back cut, they enhance every bit of you.

For further information and your own ‘getting to know landybridal’ experience, browse their website and get yourselves awestruck. 

Author: Nishtha

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