My Experience With Hair Extensions

May 16, 2015

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having fun and enjoying your weekend. Well! its party and marriage season here in India and with party season we girls get very much occupied with thoughts that how to look best at the party or marriage event. In short we girls want to make all the people at party to turn their head and appreciate our dress, hair styling, accessories and the list is endless.

Actually who doesn’t want a little bit of appreciation for the hard work she or he has done and there is no denying that we girls always put our best to look the best. Sometimes I feel that if I could have worked so hard at my college level than I would have topped the University and in fact would have made a world record ;) haha..

Jokes apart, I have to go to a party this weekend and recently got my hair cut as my hair had developed a lot of split ends which looked damn ugly.
The hair cut as always have made my already think looking hair to a worse position where they are looking very thin without any volume. Huh! This reminds me of the worst dream I had in my childhood where I could even count the number of  hair that I have on my head.

Thanks to Micro loop hair extensions that I have purchased few days back along with clip in hair extension that I could use for the coming party and make my hair beautiful, gorgeous and voluminous.

What more? I now have purchased a 22 inch hair weave which I think goes best with my hair and whenever I wear these extensions people cannot stop praising my hair volume and shine. Hehe, that sounds and feels great (they don’t know the reality) and I feel my dream of flaunting a good voluminous hair has completed to some extent.

Overall I have had a very good experience with hair extensions. What is your experience with hair extensions? I would love to read your story :)

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