10 sarees from Jaypore that can look classy in Bollywood

April 29, 2015

Hi everyone! I guess most of you would agree that saree is one of the most sensuous dresses that look best and classy on all Indian women. Be you are in your teens, mid-twenties, late sixties or much older, saree is something that is classy for all age group of female.

Now coming to myself I must admit that I really love wearing sari and whenever I go out in Indian functions like marriage etc then I most of the time prefer wearing saree (It makes me feel beautiful from within..Hehe) . You guys must have seen me sharing various designs and colors of stunning sarees at my fashion blog and this time I have come with “10 sarees from Jaypore that can look classy in Bollywood”

Yes, I do share a lot of celeb fashion and Bollywood styling here at “Rampdiary” so this time I have decided to share my creativity to share some of the most beautiful sarees from one of my favourite Ethnic wear online website and I am sure that this saree collection will surely make you drool over.
Before starting off with my list Lets quickly see what Jaypore is all about:

About Jaypore:

Who We Are
Connecting you to india's most beautiful products.
Jaypore is about bringing the world a little closer together. We discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from all over India, and deliver them at exceptional value to our members.
What We Do
Everyday, visit us to discover a new story. We don't like to call them sales. We are storytellers; about amazing product, and the people behind them.
What We Sell
Jaypore focuses on products with unique,high quality craftsmanship; unmistakably local designs that feel at home anywhere in the world. Our products include home decor, accessories, jewelry, apparel, gifts, vintage items and more.

Why I have selected Bollywood as a base for my top ten list?

Bollywood is the industry which we all look forward to for entertainment and fashion styling. We all love seeing celebs wearing new  and unique stuff and we all get inspired by their looks especially Bollywood heroines. There is no denying that Bollywood actresses look best and classy in an elegant and decent sari. From Madhubala to Katrina Kaif we love seeing these Bollywood Divas in Indian Ethnic saree look. Don’t we? :)

Here I begin my list of "10 sarees from Jaypore that can look classy in Bollywood". Hope you like :)

So fashion lovers! Do you like what you see? Are you a sari fan like me? 

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  1. awesome designs, nice color harmony,
    thanks for sharing these chic designs of Bollywood saree with us.
    I love all designs all are unique. nice draping style. please keep sharing such designs with us.
    designer sarees