Latest Trends In Wedge Heels

January 26, 2015

Hey my fashion ladies! How are you all? I must confess that I am a huge heels lover! Though I have a good height by god’s grace but the styling and height given wedge heels are not in comparison to any. That's why I love wearing wedge heels!

I always keep on looking for wonderful and stylish wedge heels whenever I got to any nearby market and also as I am a fashion blogger so I cannot resist searching for wedge heels online. Wedge heels provide you the much needed glamour in all your appearances.

I have been collecting a lot of different designer wedge heels for many years and now I have a huge selection of wedge heels. As far as the history of wedge heels are concerned, these wedge heels date back to ancient Greece.
People many times ask what a wedge heel is. Well! wedge heel, lifties etc are boots and shoes which are made in the form of wedge and a piece of material which is mostly a rubber works or serves both as a heel and sole. So I find them very comfortable and its very easy to walk in these wedge heels.

They cute wedge heels give you good height without making you feel uncomfortable. Isn’t it? today, I am going to share wonderful latest wedge heels here at my fashion blog, some of these wedge heels on sale would make you drool so get ready to give your eyes some treat :) here we go.

Shapely Coppy Leather Metal Chain Wedge Heels-

Fashionable Contrast Color Wedge Heels-

Breathtaking Leopard Grain Suede Ankle Strap Wedge Heels-

Fashionable Rose & Gray Contrast Colour Wedge Heel Platform Shoes-

Sweet Flower Rinestone Princess Wedge Heels-


Aren't these wedge heels a stunner? 

So guys which wedge heel sandals are your favorite among these? I love all of these and wish to purchase all of them :) 

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