Get Stylish And Trendy With American Swan

December 10, 2014

Get Stylish And Trendy With American Swan
Hi fashion lovers! Today I am going to introduce an international brand which does not need any kind of introduction :) Well! I am taking about American Swan which happens to be one of my favorite brands. American Swan is a brand which is very much dedicated to the needs of all youngsters and each and every fashion lover.

It is a brand which has earned a huge name for itself internationally and it’s rare to find an individual who doesn’t know about American Swan, in case you find such a person then I am quite sure that person knows nothing about the current fashion trend and styling.

I have purchased many clothes from American Swan in the past and was very much satisfied with the great quality content its offers. After all! Fashion is all about comfort and this is the best thing about American Swan.
Let’s quickly see what American Swan is all about:

About American Swan:

American Swan is an International online Fashion & Lifestyle brand that combines Urban American Lifestyle with a quintessential Youth-oriented Fashion: its Spirit, Energy and Authenticity. The brand offers an invigorating twist to the genre of preppy fashion, offering an authentic casual wear range to the youth who seek occasion-led collections. American Swan encourages its audience to embark on a journey of discovering one’s unique spirit and choose apparel that help express one's Individuality. Simply put, it is about being and celebrating 'who you are'.
We truly believe in being authentic to oneself and in the Easy Confidence that allows one to declare 'AS I AM'.
American Swan, with its distinctive range of Men's and Women's apparel, accessories and footwear is inspired by sexy chic urban Americana lifestyle. The styling is distinctly modern and voguish, with an emphasis on design, quality, innovation and affordability.

My experience with

It’s always great to see and shop those things which fascinates you and keeps you engaged and American Swan is doing just the same. I have recently got introduced to its website and was really thrilled to see it. The overall feel of the website is really fascinating and as soon as you enter the site you see slideshow of models wearing drool worthy stuff. And what’s more? You see a lot of sale items on the front page itself which makes you very excited with a thought that “Yay today I will be shopping a great quality stuff without burdening my pocket” its indeed a great relief when you find that you can save your money while shopping, it’s a dream of many. Isn’t it? offers a very clean look overall. In short nothing is scattered here and there and each and every category is well defined and presented. Now coming to categories - American Swan has a very user friendly appeal as far as categories are concerned. It has a section which says “what’s new” which takes you to a virtual tour to all the latest fashionable stuff and accessories at the site. Then there are categories such as “Men” and “Women” where you can find your scoop of top wear, bottom wear, footwear, accessory, winter wear and not to forget “SALE” :)

American Swan is also offering E-Voucher facility where you can buy a gift card for your loved ones. I especially loved this feature of the website.

My final take on

Overall I love the website, its features, layout, categories and user friendly approach. Soon I am going to purchase my stuff from the website as for long I have had a very good experience with American Swan.

Will I recommend to all of you?

Most definitely, I have been a huge fan of American Swan for long and will surely recommend you to try wonderful stuff from this brand and website. Trust me you guys will not be disappointed.

My rating: 5/5

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