The Luxe Cafe Website Review - Live Your Life With Leisure

November 27, 2014

The Luxe Cafe Website Review - Live Your Life With Leisure
I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle freak. I love searching for some great ideas on internet which can make our life more beautiful and luxurious and recently I got introduced to one such wonderful website which is offering luxurious art of living. 

Well! The site about which I am talking is the Luxe Cafe and I am pretty excited to see this website which is acting like a guide/magazine where various industries from different spheres interact with each other directly with their customers.

Let’s quickly see what this website is all about:

"TheLuxeCafĂ©.com is India’s leading online luxury lifestyle magazine with curated content on fashion & decor, travel & leisure, motoring & gadgets, personas & ideas for connoisseurs of fine living. Designed as a virtual cafe, it is poised to be the one-stop hangout for luxury brands and their consumers. Our endeavour is to shatter the traditional notions associated with luxury and reinterpreting them for the truly passionate.

Luxury, as we see it, is not for a privileged few but for all those with the courage to look beyond the obvious and seek out the intricate details of life. We believe real luxury inherently is all about time and space, whether it’s the painstakingly handcrafted timepiece on your wrist or the precious hours you spend with your loved ones, it is experiencing the first sun rays on a mighty Himalayan peak from the comfort of your balcony, or feeling your heart racing as you zoom past in your Ferrari."

Well! this website is pretty good when you look at it at the first instance and you will surely love its friendly appeal which will make you realize that its been designed by experts and is best among the rest and will be very helpful for not only cosmopolitan cities but also for other smaller cities thus it is informative for both big and small cities.

The luxecafe rightly quotes that “Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity" and its offering a great platform where anyone can get good and handy information about the following categories:
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Leisure
  • Motoring
  • Home & Style
  • Life

In fashion category we can see luxurious fashionable stuff like industry experts opinion and best trends in fashion. You will find each and every fashionable thing at this category and this is what we say ‘A perfect fashion and guide’.

If we see the travel category of this website then we will get a complete guide of travelling in India from North to South and East to West. Whats more? You get to see a lot more and interesting travelling international guide as well. Take for instance Himalaya resorts, Chhatra Sagar camping etc. You will love it all.

In the leisure section you will find some great secrets from India’s Royal Households, health, wellness and gastronomy subjects which you can’t afford to miss.

In the motoring category you will find auto and aviation & boating stuff which will surely inspire you. This is the best place to get to know about airplanes and other travelling modes.

Home and Style
Wow! This is indeed one of my favorite sections were any one could get best information about the luxurious and most affordable home decoration tips. In short every one loves to decorate their home at the best and what can be better if you could get the advice of experts in the market which is indeed the best value for money.

Life is the best gift of God to mankind but the art of living is the best way to live life in actual sense. This life section of the website works like a perfect mentor for you who will guide you to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it. It will make every second of your life luxurious and worth living.

This website has just started and I can see its huge potential to charm all the best experts in the market to come and charm your life and make it more luxurious and worth living. It’s focusing on the best of categories that will fill your life with happiness and fun.

I truly appreciate this initiative. Lots of love and wish the luxecafe. Hope it will fulfill the lives of all simple and classy people with happiness and charm.

*Note! This is a sponsored post but the opinion expressed at our blog is honest.

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