Salman Khan Shares Arpita Khan's Wedding Pictures On Instagram

November 23, 2014

Salman Khan Shares Arpita Khan's Wedding Pictures On Instagram
I know I know I am not able to cover much of Arpita Khan’s wedding due to lack of time but today I have decided to share some of her candid wedding photographs which Salman Khan shared recently at his instagram account. Here you will see some of the gorgeous and cute pictures of the newlywed couple along with family members like Alvira Khan, Arbaz Khan, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Salim Khan, Salma Khan and others guests like Amir Khan etc. I am sure you are going to love these wedding pictures of Arpita Khan. 
Newlywed Ayush and Arpita Looked so cute together

May god bless the couple :)

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  1. Wow! This pics are amazing, great moment!

  2. Wow... amazing photos!!!
    Happy sunday!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  3. Awesome wedding!
    Have a nice evening doll! Keep in touch ♥

  4. Wowowowo really fantastic indian style

  5. Wow, that looks like an amazing wedding. I was thinking that we in Poland are making big parties for our familys, but this is..huge! Awesome

    have a nice day!