Sridevi In Stella McCartney

September 19, 2014

Sridevi In Stella McCartney
Hi everyone! Hope you all had your breakfast and are here with full packed tummy. I am still waiting for my breakfast to come and writing a fashion blog post for all of you. Last night I slept a bit late and its 11’o clock in the morning but  I am still feeling sleepy. Thanks to all those mosquitoes who kept me awaken last night. 
Left and Middle: Sridevi In Stella McCartney
Right: Stella McCartney
Also don’t know why my neck is paining terribly, reason is still uncertain. May be it’s because of lack of sleep or maybe it’s because of sitting on laptop for long hours. But I really don’t understand that in spite of working so much of on my blogs I still don’t get enough of them. Most of the stuff I save or intend to share is many a times remain unshared. 
Huff…I must say that online sharing and blogging isn’t that easy and you have to keep working hard day and night and that too not for much of monetary gain. It’s completely like investing your money and time in blogging arena and not expecting anything much in return.
You can expect gains only after some months or say years or so in this blogging world. One of the most important thing is that you should keep going instead of your family thinking that you are becoming a nerd, wasting your time and killing all your skills which might fetch you some great and high earning jobs in the market.
But is there any way to succeed without paying price for it? Hardly there is any. It’s often said that there is no free lunch and in context of blogging you need to understand that to keep going on, stay connected with your fellow bloggers and readers and never let any doubts grab your mind. Be confident!  The moment you let negative thoughts enter and stay in your mind, that moment you are dead.  Its only positive thinking that keeps you alive and lets you going and it’s true in almost all the spheres of life and is not only confined to this blogging world.
Now coming to this Indian fashion blog post, I am here to share one of the recent appearances of Bollywood diva Sridevi’. Well! Very recently Sridevi was seen wearing a Stella McCartney Jumpsuit at the Khoobsurat movie screening. Here she matched her jumpsuit with lovely brown pumps. She made her up-do in a ponytail.
Whole look got finished with Hermers Kelly and dark lips. She looked so cute and gorgeous.
Sridevi In Stella McCartney
I personally like jumpsuits a lot and Sridevi is one of my favourite Bollywood actresses apart from Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Juhi Chawla etc. So this combination of two is something which I could not take my eyes off.  I still remember my childhood when I used to dance on her numbers like “Morni Baga ma Bole” and “Mere haathon me nau nau  Choodiyan” etc which have helped me won many dance awards at various school dancing competitions.  
Sridevi’s latest movie ‘English Vinglish” also didn’t fail to impress me. Her acting was superb and coming to this acting field after a such a long time wouldn’t have been easy for this Bollywood diva. But she never fails to charm all of us with her beauty,grace and acting.
I am hoping to see and share more of her upcoming public apperances at this Indian Fashion and beauty blog. So guys stay tuned and keep coming back for more.
Have a great day :)

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  1. Love this color :)